1960s Modern Ranch

The Power of New Paint and Trim


paint and trim details

I know I’m preaching to the choir by saying this, but wow, the power of paint is very real……….. And even taking it a bit further…..new trim has some special powers too.  The title of this post says it all.  The power of those two elements alone are amazing. But when paired together…. that’s how you get a new house without buying a brand new house.  I’m going to share some before/after photos and you might think we ditched our 1960s modern ranch that I loved so……

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1960s Modern Ranch / diy

When You Give a Mouse a Cookie……


bathroom before

I really didn’t think I would become this blogger…. one that posts maybe once every two weeks??!!  This is so sad!!! I’m chompin at the bit (……?) to share progress on the house but we just haven’t made the kind of progress that’s worth sharing, which is why I’ve been pretty silent over here.  The past couple of weeks have been mostly painting, which is fun progress to see, but there’s only so much to say/share about it.  We had new baseboards and casing installed after the floors went in, and those are about half way finished.  Parker and I have been following behind painting those suckers. (Worst thing ever to paint.)  We’re also starting to tackle the yard, which isn’t fun to share until it’s pretty……. Also, we looked into new sod for a hot second until we saw the pricing on that stuff.  Why is grass so expensive!!? It’s grass!!!

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