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White for 2016


SW Alabaster

I don’t even know what happened this week.  Well, I do.  I had to make an unexpected trip back home Sunday-Tuesday and coming back to work mid week made me feel REALLY behind especially when what seemed like every blogger posted about their fresh new start to the year on Monday.  Plus, I realized I had forgotten about Instagram for about a week.  That was kind of nice though.  I had this OCD plan that I was going to outline my 2016 goals and be really on top of everything for the start of this week.  I guess the year started a bit different than planned but I decided today, January 7th, would by my January 1st.  Better late than never.

Anyway, I had planned to keep the first post of the year fresh by talking about the buzzword of paint colors: WHITE.

It’s certainly not an earth-shattering color, but it is THE color right now.  Actually, it became the color a while back, but both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore named their 2016 color of the year a shade of white, so that’s a big deal.

Sherwin Williams named Alabaster as their color of the year, and Benjamin Moore named Simply White as their 2016 color.  Both whites are similar – they’re warm, but the good kind of warm – no yellow tones and still bright.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

SW Alabaster

I painted both our master and guest room in Alabaster as soon as we moved in last year.  I love how it looks in photos, but it’s actually warmer in person, which I love too.  Photos do strange things to colors.  Never trust them when selecting a paint color.  (More on this below.)

SW Alabaster

SW Alabaster

guest bedroom

SW Alabaster

master bedroom

Benjamin Moore Simply White

BM Simply White

Some Simply White inspiration:

Benjamin Moore Simply White via Studio McGee

(Simply White cabinets) via Studio McGee

Simply White Benjamin Moore via Studio McGee

Simply White walls via Studio McGee

While I LOVE white walls, there are a few things to note before you paint your entire home the 2016 color of the year.

  • Never blindly choose a white paint color (or any color!!) based on photos from Pinterest/blogs.  Colors are always a bit off (sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse) in photos.  Sometimes this is from editing the photo and sometimes the photo can have no editing, but the colors still appear different online than in person.
  • Natural light is a huge factor when considering white walls.  If the room has no natural light, the white walls can look flat and dull, but if the room has a good amount of natural light, white walls can be the best thing that ever happened to that room.
  • Not every room can pull off white walls.  Consider using texture and/or added color to warm up a white room.




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3 comments on “White for 2016”

  1. White is almost as tricky as grey, I think, with how differently it can read based on the light. But I do love it when you choose the right color. I thought I was going to all on the ball this week too but we are all sick and I think I am just going to have to treat next Monday as my jump start to the new year 😉

  2. Love the tips! I keep telling myself that late is better than never with my exercise when I end up finally getting to it in the afternoon rather than in the morning when I had planned.

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