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When You Give a Mouse a Cookie……


bathroom before

I really didn’t think I would become this blogger…. one that posts maybe once every two weeks??!!  This is so sad!!! I’m chompin at the bit (……?) to share progress on the house but we just haven’t made the kind of progress that’s worth sharing, which is why I’ve been pretty silent over here.  The past couple of weeks have been mostly painting, which is fun progress to see, but there’s only so much to say/share about it.  We had new baseboards and casing installed after the floors went in, and those are about half way finished.  Parker and I have been following behind painting those suckers. (Worst thing ever to paint.)  We’re also starting to tackle the yard, which isn’t fun to share until it’s pretty……. Also, we looked into new sod for a hot second until we saw the pricing on that stuff.  Why is grass so expensive!!? It’s grass!!!

Back to the title of this post.  I always thought that story was funny….when you give a mouse a cookie, chances are, he’s going to need _____ , ______ & _______.  Turns out, that’s how this whole reno thing works too.  Jeff recently told us he had a feeling this would happen.  We told him from the beginning we were going to install the hardwoods throughout and then reinstall the original kitchen over those hardwoods.  Jeff –  “yeah I wasn’t going to say anything, but I didn’t think you’d want to install those gross cabinets on top of those those pretty new floors.”  Turns out he was right.  Jeff also said (he’s a wealth of knowledge) that once you fix one thing, the ugly thing next to it stands out even more.  That’s why that mouse needs all that other stuff after he got the cookie.  I’m the mouse, guys…….

So…..I present to you…..one more project we decided to take on very last minute…….the guest bath.

bathroom before

bathroom before

bathroom before

bathroom before

bathroom before

Offensive? Nope.  Functional? Very.  Clean? Yes.  It only made sense to rip it out. (In our defense, we caught Jeff’s crew in time for them to do the demo and it only cost about $150 for the demo of the floor tile, wall tile, vanity, tub, soffit & cabinet.)  We wouldn’t have been able to do the demo ourselves after we rented the tools for under that.  It was a no brainer.  The catch was (we haven’t had any of those yet but there was a slight set back here) when they started ripping out the wall tile it took the drywall with it.  Via Jeff, the tile had been adhered with wire something or other (a cheap way to tile back in the day) but that means your drywall is coming out with the tile, thus leaving us with this.

bathroom before

bathroom before

So we had to re-drywall the bottom half of the walls where the tile was but look at us now.

bathroom before

bathroom before

(That yellow contraption is a Duk-liner.  It feels so fancy to have a wall niche.  Pretty excited about it.)

To do:

  • Demo 
  • Re-drywall 
  • Install new tub
  • Keep old toilet in guest bedroom until ready to go back to bathroom
  • Tile!!!*
  • Wallpaper
  • Install vanity/faucets
  • Install sconces 
  • Install accessories – mirrors, towel rack, etc.
  • Style!!

*Tiling…… Guys Parker took on this job.  He bought a wet saw, watched one million You Tube videos and was really nervous.  He spent all of Sunday but but did it!!!

bathroom progress

bathroom progress

“I slaughtered that toilet hole.” -Parker

He hasn’t grouted but we are going with a dark grout so it will look similar to how it does now with the mortar.

Up next is tiling the shower (supposedly harder than tiling the floor), so wish Parker luck.  We’re also tiling the wall behind the free-standing vanity.

Budget Bathroom Design

vanity | floor tile | wall tile | faucets | Tub/Shower Faucet | Sconces | Mirrors | Wallpaper

The bath materials all were sourced from Wayfair and came in right around $2500.  I went for budget-friendly materials that would have a big impact.  And of course I’m sticking to my neutral thing…..

The wallpaper was  a splurge but MAN I have been so desperate to use that beautiful pattern by Kelly Wearstler for Groundworks and I am so happy I have my chance now.

Really excited for this one to come together! Parker will be taking on the shower tiling this weekend and then we will see about getting that wallpaper up.

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12 comments on “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie……”

  1. I am always happy to see new posts from you and your new house has made it all the more exciting! This is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to see the after pics.

  2. Being new your your blog, I’m so excited to be following along with your house reno as it takes shape. The guest bath is going to be stunning. Now you can add another feather to your ‘mouse’ caps with tiling experience. I can’t wait to see the entire house finished and styled. It’s going to be beautiful!

  3. Exciting! I love living through other people’s renovations so honestly talking about paint and baseboards and everything is what I live for. Please don’t ever hestitate to overshare. Good luck with the bathroom and major kudos to your husband for just going for it on the bathroom tile!

  4. I can totally relate to this! My sister just rebuilt their garage with a guest suite on top. It’s gorgeous and now she’s itching to do the main house where everything suddenly looks old and dingy. Good luck to Parker- my husband would totally be one to take on a tiling job 😊

  5. So exciting to see a progress update!! And I love that book, too. – I had an “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” post back in 2015 during one of my ORC’s. It’s so true. If you jazz up one space the rest pales in comparison!
    Looks great!! Marcie

  6. Are there any moisture concerns with wallpapering a room that has a shower? Or maybe not because it’s the guest bath?

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