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When a New Sofa Turns into a New Living Room


living room update
Our living room is turning into a version of “When You Give a Mouse a Cookie”……….. When you give a living room a new sofa, you might need a new rug.  And when you get a new rug, you might need a new paint color.  That’s actually not true, nothing here is NEEDED, but our poor little house is how I experiment, so why not try out a different look?  We’ll be living here for one more year, so I’m giving it a chance to have another look.

To be honest, when it comes to my own home, I just have images pop into my head that are often hard to shake.  I don’t necessarily see a photo and use that for inspiration – it’s more like I see a golden velvet sofa and dream around that.  I found our Ficks Reed vintage sofa and immediately saw golden velvet upholstery.  From there, I saw a rug that gave a major punch (say a black and white stripe).  A golden velvet sofa paired with a black and white striped rug is a lot, so I saw soft and forgiving colors along side it.

living room udate

Fast forward and I’m writing a blog post about my vision for our living room and I have nothing to show.  Really, this is good practice for me because it doesn’t hurt to see similar, successfully completed spaces before I blindly go for my own vision.  So I went to Pinterest and found images that had specific elements that I see in my head…. Overall I see a clean space with warm and not so warm colors contrasting each other.  The warm colors will be the golden velvet and lots of wood tones (and a leather pouf).  The not so warm colors (pastel colors) will be…..dare I say it…..powder blue and pink.  I almost nixed the pastels because of the insane amount of hype they’re getting from Pantone, but this color combo is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  So they’re staying.  I want the contrasting elements to be married and naturally flow together.  Kind of like these images below.

pink walls


I like the wall color here as well as all of the pattern play.  The burled wood gives the room the masculine feel it needs.  There’s really nothing I don’t love about this space.

pink walls


The wall color is stunning here.  Too pink for this married girl, but beautiful nonetheless.

striped rug


Really love the poppy colors here.  The black and white striped rug is the cherry on top to this space – it would be a bit boring without it.

pink and blue


This space feels very feminine, which is fun.  I of course love the striped rug and color combo.  I would need more warmth to fit my personal wants, but I’m sure the homeowner loves it just as it is.

pale blue and pink


Major Parisian vibe going on here – really stunning.  Love the colors.  Again, I would need more warmth, but how beautiful is this??

pink yellow and graphic


This space makes me incredibly happy.  The animals make this room.  It’s all so simple yet a lot at the same time.  My grandmother has a weird cheetah like these that I’ve been eyeing for a while now.

chartreuse and graphic


Graphic paired with major warmth.  This room knows what it’s doing, wouldn’t you say??

And here we are today…..color wise. Below is everything thrown into one photo.

living room update

Little lady from Instagram found a home.

living room update

Thoughts?  Are you seeing this color scheme coming together?



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11 comments on “When a New Sofa Turns into a New Living Room”

  1. LOVE the gold and blush pink combo and I think it will look amazing. That boho Parisian vibe is perfect. I also get random images in my mind that I just can’t shake until I create them, and the inspiration photos are so helpful for fine tuning the ideas. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. YES! This is going to be so good! I just brought a deep red rug into my brass + pink + black and white bedroom yesterday, and while I do love it, I was laying in bed and dreamed up the perfect golden yellow + black oriental rug in my head that I NEED to find in real life, so I am all sorts of on board with your new color scheme! I can’t wait to see the finished sofa!

  3. I give you so much credit for continuing to push and try new things, and I am really excited for this makeover. Your plan is totally interesting and I have every confidence that you are going to make it FAB! I have to know, though, what are you doing with that gorgeous gal also known as your former living room rug?

    1. Thank you Brittany 🙂 And that is a good question. It is currently in our storage unit. We’ll only be in this house for another year so I thought what the heck, why not switch up rugs for the time being. I will never get rid of that antique rug 🙂

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