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What’s My Home Decor Style – Rustic Refined


Rustic Refined Home Decor Style

Jenna Sue Design Co.

Back again with another “What’s my home decor style?” and this week we are covering rustic refined.  This style often gets labeled traditional or transitional, but there’s so much more to it than that.

This gal is often drawn to neutrals, but likes rich yet subtle color when she sees it.  Her favorite retail stores are Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs (& Home Decorators when she wants a deal). Needless to say, she runs from too modern.  It all has to be cozy and inviting, bottom line.

Let’s get something straight.  When I say rustic, I don’t mean country.  BIG difference.  None of that here.  Really, the reason I’m using “rustic” in this decor name is for the texture that this gal loves.  She is ALL ABOUT the texture.  Rustic-ish looking texture that is.  You see, the refined completely takes away any chance that the rustic has of being country.  The refined portion of this style kicks the rustic into shape and pulls it all together, so that it all looks presentable.

This girl likes to have it all.  She likes the best of all worlds meaning she doesn’t want too much of anything… She doesn’t want to be TOO committed to any style.  She doesn’t want to be TOO modern or TOO bright in fear that her in laws might think she’s weird.  She doesn’t want to be TOO neutral in fear of being too boring.  She likes a very subtle mix that all works together in harmony.

Some photos that this girl definitely has pinned….

* This style is, of course, not limited to a female… I’m not sure why I started calling the person that loves this style a “gal”, but it felt right and I did it.  Men are always welcome to love the rustic refined style, too!!

Rustic Refined Home Decor Style

Jenna Sue Design Co.

This bathroom is so incredibly good on so many levels.  It’s all about the mix – the vanity, ladder and mirror add texture that I can’t even talk about it’s so good.  The tile adds the modern touch it needs to take this bath to the next level.  Yes, it has a rustic feel, but it feels so put together.  I, for one, would never leave…

Rustic Refined Home Decor Style

Dear Lillie

Dear Lillie is the master of this style.  If you’re a true refined rustic gal, just peruse her blog and then tell me how much time you spent over there…

Rustic Refined Home Decor Style

Cecy J Interiors

All about the texture here.  The dining table has a pretty rustic feel but the chandelier makes it totally refined, yes?

rustic and refined decor style

House Beautiful

This is somehow a new to me image, and I cannot get enough.  That entry table is truly to die for…. The modern paint color offsets the rustic table and rug in such a harmonious way.

rustic and refined decor style

Studio McGee

Classic farm table with modern lines…that is rustic refined if you ask me.  Studio McGee did a perfect job (obviously) of reflecting this vibe throughout the space.

rustic and refined decor style

Cecy J Interiors

This beautiful space is teeter-totting, having nothing rustic about it EXCEPT that coffee table that feels so very rustic.  I personally consider jute rugs to be “rustic refined”.  Not sure if I’m the only one on that.  The design of a jute rug looks refined, but I have to call it rustic because of the texture.  This space is overall very polished and put together.

rustic and refined decor style

Studio McGee

This chandelier looks like it has a rustic finish, and the lines even look a bit rustic.  The farmhouse table also has a rustic feel.  What’s modern about this space?  The chairs/pillows look to be that way.  The ceiling detail also feels modern to me.  A perfect combo is what we have here.

Take Away Points – The Refined Rustic Gal/Guy:

  • This person loves to look and feel cozy.  It’s all about comfort for the refined & rustic style.
  • TEXTURE x 1,000,000
  • You must offset the dominant rustic trait with modern lines or modern colors or modern something!!  Without a modern touch, you might have a country space.
  • This person is on the email promo list for (just to name a few): Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs & Home Decorators.  Restoration Hardware is a dream!

Rustic and Refined Staples:

Rustic Refined

1: Jute Rug | 2: Natural Wood Mirror | 3: Lantern Pendant | 4: Upholstered + Wood Dining Chair | 5: Bentwood Dining Chair | 6: Plants7: Vintage Look Mirror | 8: Farm House Dining Table

Anyone out there call refined + rustic home?

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16 comments on “What’s My Home Decor Style – Rustic Refined”

  1. I’m trying to achieve this look in my own house. I’m very monochromatic, so I’ve been trying really hard to bring in pops of color throughout the space. We also have many flea market finds throughout our home, so I’ve been trying to throw more modern flare into the mix as well. So glad I found your blog. I absolutely love your thoughts!

  2. So true Claire, rustic and country don’t necessarily mean the same thing. I actually like both country and rustic, it just depends on the setting and look I’m going for.

    Love the entry way table in the House Beautiful photo, it adds so much character.


  3. Wow. Finally a name for the style i love. So hard to explain to someone. I just wish I could hire you to help me design our new house. I know what I like but I’m so not good at putting it together.

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