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What’s My Home Decor Style – Modern Glam


What's My Home Decor Style - Modern Glam

Pink Peonies

….just another name the Glamist calls herself because the truth is, the Modern Glamist answers to many, many names.  Hollywood Regency, Palm Springs, Glam, Hollywood Glam, Modern Glamour just to name a few.  And once a Glamist, always a Glamist.  This girl usually has no trouble declaring her style from the get-go.

The Modern Glam style is very precise yet it can vary a lot within its own style.  For example, it can go totally neutral or color crazy.

There are a few things the modern glam gal will always have in the home.

What’s My Home Decor Style – Modern Glam


Always.  There is no exception to this rule.  If a space is labeled as “glam”, it will surely have metallics.

What's My Home Decor Style - Modern Glam



It’s no secret that the Glamist goes heavy on the neutrals.  They layer neutrals like they’re going out of style.

New England Home


Soft Texture

Soft texture usually appears in some kind of fur.  This gives an ultra luxe feel.

Sally Wheat Interiors



This isn’t always the case, but there is a good chance that a glam space will have a touch of pink.  If pink is not present, the space will mostly likely be all neutral.

House and Home



I might be wrong, but I’ve never seen a glam space that didn’t feel feminine.  Glam spaces often appear as home offices (aka THEIR space) as it’s are their only space to go full on feminine due to living with others who wouldn’t appreciate the over-the-top feminine feel anywhere else.

Pink Peonies


Bold Print

If the space isn’t totally neutral, it will likely have a bold print as the focal point.



If you’re not all about the modern glam style, maybe you identify with one of the styles I’ve covered in the series?  Leave a comment if there’s a specific style you want covered.  I’m hoping to eventually cover them all! ….xo

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What's My Home Decor Style | Images via Pink Peonies & Sally Wheat Interiors

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13 comments on “What’s My Home Decor Style – Modern Glam”

  1. I find this series of “what’s my style” really, really helpful! I have read articles before on determining your style, but your posts do the best job of explaining the elements. Thank you!

  2. i’ve never really been able to define my style but having looked through your (VERY helpful!) series, I think I lean towards modern glam, mixed with a little rustic refined 🙂 Thank you!

    1. You’re right – the two can be tricky to mix because they’re so different. I identify with both as well. I would suggest going lighter on the glam side — keep the bigger pieces (think furniture) mid century and adding smaller, glam touches through accessories. Hope this helps!

  3. I definitely love glam, but love so many other styles and colors! Right now I’m searching out tips for ancient Greece, as well as the Renaissance time period (thinking Queen of England/Romeo and Juliet). See what I mean, I need help! However I am enjoying your decor styles, thank you 🙂

  4. I also have a preference for the glam that I found very classy and the bohemian style that i found very warm and friendly . Two completely different styles :D. Thank you for your comprehensive article 🙂

  5. It’s so beautiful and classy! I wish I could decorate like you do! Do you have any carpet recommentations? I just love rugs at Doris Leslie Blau! You should check them out 🙂

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