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What’s My Home Decor Style – Mid Century Modern


What's My Home Decor Style - Mid Century Modern


It’s time for another edition of “What’s My Home Decor Style?”, and this time we’re diving into the mid century modern style, otherwise known as mcm.

They generally like everything straight and low to the ground.  Very sleek.  They are all about simplistic design.  No clutter to be found in a mcm home.

The mid century modern style is very much so retro.  They can go full on retro like this.

What's My Home Decor Style - Mid Century Modern


What's My Home Decor Style - Mid Century Modern


Full on retro at its’ finest.  The spaces in the photos above read strictly mid century.  Every piece is either actually from the era or a replica of the era.

But now we see more of a modern day take on the mid century modern style.  The difference in the mcm we see a lot of today is that people are using mcm inspired pieces (or actual mcm pieces) and mixing with similar design styles.  But that’s the beauty of this style – it’s all about the mix.

Mid century modern is definitely having a moment.  People either love it or hate it, and I don’t see that ever changing.  I don’t think those that identify with the mcm style are going to leave it – it’s just starting to repeat itself as all great design does.

Below are two spaces that incorporate a mid century dresser with non mid century elements in order to create a great mix.

MCM Style - Emily Henderson Design

Emily Henderson Design

The bamboo mirror isn’t especially mid century.  The gold lamp surely isn’t.  That’s where this room really takes you for a spin.

Mid Century Modern Decor Style - House of Hipsters

House of Hipsters

This space has a very minimal yet cozy feel.  Most mcm spaces don’t feel especially cozy, but the chunky throw at the end of the bed really throws that mid century dresser for a loop.

The modern day mid century is all about the mix.  Below are spaces that marry mid century and another style together like they were born together.

Mid Century meets Palm Springs:

Mid Century Modern Style via Homepolosh


Mid Century meets Rustic:

Mid Century Modern Decor Style via Domaine


Mid Century meets Feminine:
Mid Century meets Feminine


Mid Century meets Bohemian:

Mid Century Modern Bohemian


Mid Century meets Earthy:

Mid Century Meets Earthy

Design: Kaitlin McHugh via

No matter what you mix with mid century, certain elements will always remain to be considered mid century:

-simple lines

-wood furniture, often teak

-clean, uncluttered look

-graphic patterns

Mid Century Home Decor

Futon | Table LampTulip Style Table | Coffee TableDining Table | Eames Style Chair | Dining Chair 

How do you feel about it?  Do you love it or prefer to do without?

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10 comments on “What’s My Home Decor Style – Mid Century Modern”

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful examples. I like some of the mcm furniture, but the overall decor is too minimalistic for me. I like the pieces better when they are incorporated into eclectic interiors.

      1. Which Style can be a good example that mix the mid century furniture with a less eclectic style.
        I mean less minimalistic than the MCM and with a little less of the textures mix of the eclectic.

  2. OMG you did it again! You explain this so well, and with the pictures to illustrate it really make me understand. By the end of the post, I could look at the photos and pick out what fit with mcm and what didn’t. It’s so helpful. Thank you so much!

  3. I feel in love with the turquoise footed ribbed pouf/ottoman used in the Palm Springs and mid century designed living room. Where can I purchase one?

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