Valentine’s Day Buffet

Happy Friday!!  Today I am sharing my Valentine’s Day buffet!  I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day and love changing things up, so I couldn’t resist bringing a little pink and red into our apartment!

We don’t have a fireplace, which means we don’t have a mantel, so I decided my “seasonal decorating spot” is our buffet. This beautiful, antique buffet belonged to my Grandmother, who passed away 3 1/2 years ago. My Grandmother was one of the most influential people in my life, and I treasure having her buffet in our home. It is my absolute favorite piece of furniture and one of my most prized possessions. Seriously, if our home ever caught on fire (knock on wood), we would be hauling out Grandmother’s buffet! Isn’t she a beauty?! 

I had fun putting together our Valentine’s buffet especially since most of it involved DIY projects. The letters are paper mâché that I purchased from a craft website for $2 each. 

Here they are after a couple coats of acrylic paint.

About that cupcake… Can you say “get in my belly”?! 

I made the heart topper by cutting out a heart using construction paper. To get a perfect heart remember to fold the paper in half, draw your heart at the crease and cut! 
After I cut out the heart, I covered it in glue, then glittered. 

After my glittered heart dried, I attached a toothpick to the back. 
Easy as a cupcake! 

Did I mention I have a sweet tooth? 

The framed “art” is actually a Valentine’s card I found in the dollar section at Target. Score! 

We already had the frame, so I just popped in the card. Don’t tell Parker, but I’ll probably end up using it as his Valentine’s card. Killing two birds with one stone, right?! 
The coffee table book and votive were my only two “real” purchases. 

I love coffee table books and couldn’t say no to this Love book. I found the heart votive at Pottery Barn. 
I paired these love related items that I found around the apartment. Nothing says love more than a wedding photo and love birds, right?! 

I found the heart garland at Target and attached it to the lamp. A little cheesy, but I thought it was cute. 

I think that covers it. What do you think?! 
Are you decorating for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to see pictures if you are! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
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  1. Beautiful! Your buffet is absolutely stunning…I love that it belonged to your grandmother 🙂 What an heirloom! 🙂

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