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Use What Ya Have…..Guest Bedroom Updates


guest room

My favorite/most used line right now is “yeah, we’re on permanent hold”.  That’s in response to “so what are y’all working on now?” (referring to the house).  Our friends and family are nice people and always inquire about the house because they know I love to talk about house stuff.

That permanent hold came in hot a few months ago, and I foresee it continuing through the fall months.  Renovating/working on house projects is so exciting, but it wears you out.  It’s all so worth it now, but for 5 months we were taking on a new project every night.  A lot of them were not mentioned here because they were boring things like replacing closet doors or door hinges.  In addition to energy levels being low, the money thing was a huge factor!! Things add up so quickly!! So we’re holding off right now, which means TV time in the evenings.  We are binge TV watchers, so this will be a nice, slow stage.  (Can I just say that This Is Us is the best TV show I’ve ever laid my eyes on?)

Now that the open living rooms are presentable, I wanted to make the 2 guest rooms presentable too so that we don’t have to close the doors when people are over.  Oh, and so people can sleep in semi-pretty rooms!  I’m not buying anything right now, so getting these 2 room to a presentable state had to be done without buying a single thing.  Is it possible?  This is a fun but frustrating way of decorating….

One of my dreams came true when we moved in this house and I  was able to create what I call an “inventory closet”.  In the rental, the junk in my now inventory closet was stored in our cars, under beds, in our tiny closets (Parker literally had 5 lampshades in his poor closet).  But now………… oh no. We had a WHOLE EXTRA closet in the hallway and that was deemed my inventory closet.  So I shopped that thing for the 2 guest rooms.  It wasn’t free shopping because I bought this stuff at one time, but it was free this month!!


I will never ever tire of looking at before photos in comparison to finished shots.

guest room

And now I’m going back on my word because there’s one thing that didn’t come from my inventory closet.  Those bamboo blinds!!!!!! Because did you see the originals? Ratty plastic roller shades.  They hurt my eyes.  I would 100% rather our guests just be exposed with no privacy than to have those gross plastic shades.

Seriously, how beautiful are those shades……

guest room

They came from Blinds.com and we went with a woven roman shade in “driftwood umber”.  I put one shade on that long, short window and then 3 shades on the 3 short, tall windows.  I love the color variation on the shade the most.  It’s dark enough to add needed depth to the windows but it’s not too dark.  Blinds.com has SOOOO many woven shade options and I ordered at least 30 samples to see in person.


guest room

For the “use what you have” concept, I had that bed, quilt, throw pillows, fabric, baskets, nightstands, table lamps….. I have too much stuff. Have you seen the documentary, Minimalism?

This was the room that my sister lived in this summer, but as of last weekend she moved into her college dorm (!!), so now its back to a full time guest room.

And now our second guest room (much smaller)…….


I had full intentions of using it as a “home office”.  Doesn’t everyone think they want one of those?

Then I decided I would never actually work in there and I didn’t want to waste the space on a huge, expensive desk.

guest room

With the exception of that lovely linen duvet from Loomstead, I had everything in here too.  (You must be thinking my inventory closet is the size of a house.  It’s not.  I just know how to pack junk in every little cranny.)

guest room

We used the same woven shade from blinds.com in this guest room. It stays pulled up unless someone is sleeping in there.  The other guest room is at the front of the house, so more privacy is needed, but this room is in the middle of the bedrooms and doesn’t require as much privacy.  I also like keeping this shade open because the light that comes in overflows in the living room.  However, if need be, the shades are backed with blackout liner so no light is coming through when closed. (All bedrooms should have blackout liner, I think.)

We also used the same woven shade in our master, but our poor master right now…..I can’t bring myself to snap a photo of it.  One day. It has the exact window that the other two bedrooms have, so you can imagine what the shade looks like in there.

Tell me, anyone go by the “use what you have” method?  It requires a hoarding stash but it was kind of fun….

Thank you to Blinds.com for providing the beautiful shades for these rooms!

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3 comments on “Use What Ya Have…..Guest Bedroom Updates”

  1. You obviously have an above average shop the house situation 🙂 – looks great. Total agreement on the roller blinds.
    I am a huge shop the house/ move everything around person out of necessity. I even did a couple of projects in conjunction with a local homeless council and furnished a couple of apartments with “free items” that had been donated. http://madebymolliesmom.blogspot.com/2017/05/secretproject-morecreativitythancash.html It’s amazing what one can scrounge up if need be!

  2. Taking what I have and re-combining it and making something fresh that is gracious and welcoming always gives me great satisfaction. It adds to the story that those things already have for me, and it takes more imagination than copying some one else’s style. I kind of see it as beating the retail system too, so I can save that money for the big things like a new floor or a special memory making experience. Adding in the new shades took those rooms to the next level and makes them ready for another layer of your unique style later when the opportunity is right. That takes a good eye, to have something that’s really nice for right now and poised for the future, and you have that in spades.

  3. What about the natural colored geometric rug in the second bedroom that would have been office? Did you have that also, or is it available somewhere? Thanks! Oh, and I have shopped my house many a time, and I think it’s kinda fun to move things around. Just have to keep the right mindset!

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