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Update – Client Classic, Natural & Refined


Dining Inspiration

Inspiration image via Lauren Nelson Design

Dropping in today to share progress on a client project.  I’ve been working with a family who is building their dream home, and they hired me to decorate 10 of the rooms – (living, dining, kitchen, craft, master, patio & 4 kid rooms).  In order to realistically tackle the project, we worked room by room starting with the living that I introduced last year.

Natural, Classic & Refined Living Room Design Plan

Client classic, natural & Refined Living room design plan

I explained in that post that the clients and I decided to keep the downstairs natural (neutral for the most part), classic and refined feeling.  The house has beautiful light wood floors, steel windows and is generally just a dream.  The house alone is stunning, so we opted to keep the decor downstairs natural in order to compliment the home’s features.

The living room is centrally located on the first floor as it opens up to the kitchen.  The dining room has its own space but also feels open to the living and kitchen.  Because of that, we wanted the living and dining to feel as though they were married to each other.

Dining Room Inspiration

Again… natural elements, neutral pieces that still bring a lot to the table, cozy/welcoming yet still refined and sophisticated.

The dining room is where the steel windows are in the house, so we really wanted to highlight those beauties.  These above design boards aren’t so much a floor plan, rather they just show the elements together, but the steel windows would be on that right wall when looking into the space.

Both design boards above are the same except for the dining chairs.  The top option chairs feel a bit more traditional while the bottom chairs feel much more modern.  The client ended up going with the second option chairs (my favorite!).  Also, that dining table and chandelier are two of my favorite pieces ever….

The paper is wonderful, isn’t it?   It’s made by a designer here in Austin, Stone Textiles.  Right now we are looking for an option over the built in cabinets to break up the pattern a bit.

Dining Room Progress

It’s coming along!!

The master bedroom is also on the first floor.  It’s obviously private from the living space, so the natural, refined theme didn’t have to be carried out to a tee, but we did still want the master design to feel in line with the rest of the first floor.

Master Bedroom Design Plan

Master Bedroom Design Plan

Did I mention the client LOVES wallpaper??? That sentence is truly music to my ears.  This wallpaper is by Shibori is incredible.  The rug was sourced from Chairish, bed from Joss & Main, nightstands from Anthro, and the client already had the bedside and overhead lighting.

So we brought in some color to the master!  The wife is a color lover, while the husband prefers a bit more of a natural feel, so they are getting the best of both worlds!

Master Bedroom Design Plan

I’ve never been so excited to have a client’s space photographed!!!! Oh man.  There are also 4 precious kid rooms that they each had major ownership in designing.  It was a really sweet process to be a part of it.  I met with each of the children (minus the babe) and listened to their wants and needs for the space,  They each knew exactly what they wanted in their new rooms and it was really fun to help them put their visions together.

The clients moved in the new house a few weeks ago, and I’m so excited to see it all come together!  More to come soon…


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  1. The wallpaper in the master & dining room is absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to see the kids rooms too!!! Love your styling

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