A Repeat Trend from the 90s… Denim


Trending Denim via Bella Mancini Design

Bella Mancini Design

What do you think about denim making a comeback?  It obviously never left in fashion, but I have noticed that it has been making a different kind of appearance in fashion.  I’ve seen lots of layered denim, matching sets, jumpsuits, patches on denim, etc. which is always interesting to me when fashion and home decor trends happen at the same time….But I’m not here to talk fashion…

When I say denim is trending in home decor, I don’t mean this (below).

Denim Home Decor


A version of this kind of heavy denim that surfaced in the 90s is now reappearing but it feels fresh.  Any trend repeat will always be the original trend but more refined, and that’s what’s happening here.  The 90s denim trend was heavy and overly playful.  The denim we are seeing now feels much lighter.  (By the way – If someone were to prefer the denim look above, that’s their style, which is great.  I’m certainly not trying to bash what others like.  Trends and opinions of trends are obviously very subjective – I’m just sharing my own observation of the denim trend as we are seeing it today.)

The denim trend in the 90s seemed to be something like “use as much denim as you possibly can together at once”.  You know, like this.

denim on denim


Just for the record, no one will ever pull off denim on denim like Brittany and Justin.

Seeing trends repeat is my favorite aspect of home decor.  I love seeing trends and elements come back but in an even better.  The repeat of trends might force home decor to shift a bit faster than we all want it to, but it certainly keeps it interesting.

I started thinking about denim again about a year ago when I DIYed what I’m now calling this too crafty denim bulletin board.  I’m not totally downing it; it is cute, but more so for a crafty teen bedroom or something.  Anyway, that’s aside from the point, but I remember being so drawn to the denim fabric in Hobby Lobby (ha).

denim bulletin board

And now the part we’ve all been waiting for.  Proof that denim can be done nowadays:

Denim in a Fresh Space

Trending Denim via BHDM Design

BHDM Design

This space by BHDM Design (if you click over to their site, you will get lost in their portfolio….) feels VERY fresh.  It’s bright, inviting and looks very pulled together.  Yet there’s denim.  I don’t usually think of denim when I vision a super fresh space, but this is a way to pull it off and pull it off well.

Denim in a Feminine Space

Trending Denim via Bella Mancini Design

Bella Mancini Design

Trending Denim via Suellen Gregory

Susan Gregory

Again, I don’t usually think of feminine style and denim together.  In the above images, the denim touch added so much to the spaces.  It brought in a new dimension to the style, and that’s always nice to achieve.

Denim in a Neutral Space

Trending Denim via Wit and Delight

Wit and Delight

Trending Denim via Alisberg Parker Architects

Alisberg Parker

Both of the denin elements in these spaces were brought in through window treatments, which is genius.  In the second image, if you cover your hand over the denim shades, the room feels so flat and lifeless without them.    The nursery could still live without the denim shades, but man, they bring such an unexpected element.

Denim in a Rustic Space

Trending Denim via Jennifer Ribin Interiors

Jennifer Robin Interiors

I think denim in a rustic space is what comes to mind naturally for me.  It’s not my favorite, but it obviously works!

Denim in a Playful (Unexpected) Space

Trending Denim via Grant K. Gibson

Grant K. Gibson

Denim Chairs


This is my favorite way to see denim incorporated – in an unexpected way.

It’s really not about the denim pieces themselves but more so about how you mix it with the rest of the room.

Trending Denim

one:sleeper sofa | two: arm chair | three: bolster pillows | four:  floorbed | five: bolster pillows | six: rug | seven: headboard | eight: bedding

Are you into it, and if so, how would/do you use it?




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8 comments on “A Repeat Trend from the 90s… Denim”

  1. I love Denim. Currently have brushed denim pillows on my bed.. it could easily go terribly wrong however (flashback to the Britney and Justin moment) <3

  2. I absolutely LOVE the denim trend. I kinda try to convince any new client I get to recover a sofa in denim. I haven’t been successful yet, but I know I’ll find someone one day who will agree 🙂

  3. I just had a daybed recovered in a yellow denim and was thinking about doing a couch in traditional blue denim! Glad to see I am not crazy!

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