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Traditional Guest Room: The What & Why


Traditional Guest Room

Last week I revealed my parents’ traditional guest room.  It was a picture overload with no real explanation, so today I’m breaking it all down.

I’m giving it a traditional label, but really, it’s my own version of “traditional”.  Most traditionalists wouldn’t consider the room to be their style because of the color combo and lack of traditional lines.

Now my parents’ home on the other hand is actually considered traditional – lots of black, warm colors and tan walls.  I shared their Christmas home tour back in 2014 and pulled a few of those photos to give you an idea.  Try to look past the Christmas decor – there’s a lot of it because they participated in a CASA Christmas home tour that year.

parents home

Dark wood floors, black stair railings…

parents home

Tan walls, reds and greens…

parents home

parents home

parents home

Black, white and granite kitchen…

Hopefully that shows why I wanted to stick with warm colors for the guest room.  I wanted the space to feel a little me (it is my room after all) but still stay true to the rest of the home.

Traditional Guest Room

The Wallpaper:

The wallpaper was the starting point of the room.  Back was I was designing the room (last summer), I was dying to use Anthropologie’s Smoky Rose wallpaper. I loved the traditional pattern, but I knew it would feel very modern.

The Wall Color:

I really wanted to apply the wallpaper to all 4 walls, but my mom wasn’t sold.  The thought of a floral pattern on 4 walls can be overwhelming, but the floral pattern isn’t too busy, plus it’s black and white, so I think it would have been fine on 4 walls.  I prefer all walls wallpapered in a room versus an accent wall because it helps with the flow of the room.  The break off where the wallpaper ends and paint color starts can be very harsh if you don’t get the color right.  I went with SW Eider White.  The paper has grey and white tones and I decided to pull from the grey shade.  My best advice for choosing a paint color to surround a wallpapered wall is to pull the dominant shade from the paper.

The Bed:

Traditional Guest Room

After the wallpaper came the bed.  It’s from Target and was on major sale when we purchased it.  I think my mom paid $300 for the queen (it’s currently $500, and that’s 15% off.)  I wanted the bed to be dominant in the room, and the best way I know to do that is through color.  I chose a gold/mustard color because I loved the idea of playing on a traditional gold hue but making it feel modern.  The lines on the bed are modern but the color might contradict that, which creates depth ( and I like that).  Honestly, this bed is probably my favorite bed from Target.  It comes in so many colors and the lines work for most every bedroom.

The Nightstands:

nightstands before

Traditional Guest Room

I found the faux bamboo nightstands (and headboard) on Craigslist for $125.  The headboard is still sitting in my parents garage and could be something cool in the right space.  I painted the nightstands in BM Bavarian Forest high gloss.  The bamboo nightstands are great, but honestly it’s so hard to find a pair of nice looking nightstands for cheap so when I came across this pair, I jumped on it.  The faux bamboo furniture is a bit overdone, or maybe just having a moment (still love it though) so I wanted these to be different.  I thought the teal color made them feel a bit edgy, plus next to that mustard bed was daring.

The Pillows/Throw:

Throw – I wanted the throw to have a moment especially against the wallpaper.  It brings in so much texture.  It’s from World Market and a great buy. I went with the larger size – 50″ x 60″.

Pillows – I mean why not bring in another color to the mix?  These velvet pillows from Pottery Barn are perfection.  The leather pillow in front is also from Pottery Barn.

throw | velvet pillows | leather pillow

The Rug:

The rug was a last minute change.  I had this rug from Amazon but changed right before the photographer came over to the oxblood vintage rug that I had found on Craigslist.  If you look at this room and think it’s all too much, changing the rug to a black and white something would be a great alternative.

black and white rug | similar red rug (not vintage)

The Art:

Traditional Guest Room Reveal 44

With the wallpapered accent wall being such a statement, I wanted something on the opposite wall that would hold its own.  I am a long time fan of Lindsay Letters and went with her “Epic Black Floral Canvas“.   It’s the huge, 40″ x 50” and was on sale when we purchased. I like playing on items with very similar items, so I wanted something huge, black and white and floral to play on the wallpaper.

A few other sources:

The rest of the items/accessories don’t really need an explanation.  They could easily be interchanged with another similar item.   Definitely not the showstoppers of the room but still needed to pull it all together!

duvettable lamps | black side table | pouf | mirrors (vintage)

That’s pretty much the entire break down of the room.  Questions/thoughts??



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  1. Love this room, Claire! Good call on bringing in the oxblood rug at the last minute. I enjoy your style because it is unique and bold. Thanks also for getting me on to Lindsay Letters..that’s fun work to look through ☺

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