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Traditional Eclectic Guest Room Reveal


Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Today I have a client’s space to share that I’ve had photographed for way too long but wanted to wait until the perfect time to share it.  I photographed it  late last fall but decided to wait until the new year when people were feeling fresh and ready for some inspiration.  I’ve learned the blog world kind of dies off come late fall through the holidays, so I just let that happen over here.  Now that it’s a new year and we’re all ready for some new content, I’m ready to gooooo.

How to paint a picture of my client, Randi?  Randi has impeccable style.  Period.  She loves vintage pieces, describes her style as traditional with an eclectic edge.  Her words: “Love traditional looks with an eclectic edge – not afraid of patterns and color, so long as it more timeless than trendy.”

Yup. I got lucky with this one.  Randi likes the good stuff.

While I’ve truly loved every single client I’ve worked with thus far, Randi has been a favorite, for sure.  She came to me at the end of August with her family’s guest room that needed to be done by mid October.  To have a room designed and READY TO GO in a  little over a month is an insane, crazy fast turnaround (& Randi was thankfully well aware of this).  It worked out because business was slower than usual at that time (I’ve been told that’s the norm for that time of year), so I happily took on the project.


Guest Room Before

Guest Room Before

Guest Room Before

Guest Room Before

Guest Room Before

There’s only one layout that made sense, which is what they had before – king bed on that back wall, nightstands flanking it and an extra storage option on that right wall.

A few things to note:

  • Randi hates built-in shelving and wanted the existing built-ins gone.  We decided that a built in bench with hidden storage would be a nice solution.
  • We needed window treatments that offered privacy in addition to the bamboo shades.  We ended up going with hanging drapes (two super wide panels) with blackout lining.  We went with one long drapery rod with C rings so that the panels could slide over the brackets for full closure.
  • The space needed a paint job, but other than that, the room was staying as is (minus the built-ins being reworked).  The brick flooring and all doors remained the same.
  • Randi had amazing vintage gentleman portraits that she hoped to incorporate.  While they ended up being an accessory in the room, they actually kind of dictated the direction of the space. It’s always nice to have a concept or detail to build the space around.  It ensure that you end up with an intentional space and really makes decision making much easier.

After we pinned together for a few days, I put together two different concept boards that I thought both read “traditional eclectic” but were still very different.

Option 1: Traditional Elegance

Guest Bedroom Mood Board

This option feel natural and much more sophisticated when compared to the second option.  Randi’s gentleman portraits are in the top left corner, and you’ll see that they are very dark feeling, meaning that vibe needed to be reflected in other areas of the space.

Option 2: Traditional Eclectic

Guest Bedroom Mood Board

And then we have the second option, which truly reads “traditional eclectic”, which was what Randi originally said she wanted.  This space is much lighter and brighter.  It feels happy and poppy and makes you feel good.  The base of this room is white along with bright, poppy colors and patterns.  The only issue is that I didn’t see the gentleman portraits fitting into this space.

Randi’s response after sending both of the above mood boards: “I love them both – can that be my answer??? =) I love the classic look, but maybe incorporating some of the elements from the first? The antique portraits, the golds, the strong woods.  Does that help at all?”

That’s where the challenge came in.  Randi LOVED both concepts and wanted to marry the two ideas.  How to make that happen????   How to combine moody, rich traditional and traditional, poppy eclectic?

Well, first you take those bright, poppy colors and patterns from option 2 and make them NOT so bright and poppy.  They still feel happy, they’re just a  bit moodier.  Bottom line, they can work with black and warmer tones.  Here’s how I visually translated this:

Guest Room Inspiraiton Board

Thus, we get a traditional color palette that feels classic with an eclectic touch:

  • Traditional blues that feel eclectic when mixed with playful color and pattern
  • Classic neutrals that are rich in texture
  • Muted shades tone down the eclectic colors and allows the gentleman pieces to flow with the space
  • A subtle touch of bright and poppy color that adds an eclectic touch without being overwhelming
  • Rich texture adds needed depth to the space & feels cozy

Below are the options that I presented:

Option 1:

Guest Room Stripe Fabric

Guest Room Stripe Fabric

Guest Room Windows

Option 2:

Guest Room Floral Fabric

Randi and her husband, Pablo, chose option 1 with the fabulous Kelly Wearstler blue stripe fabric.  (To achieve this look I sourced an upholstered bed and we had it covered in that blue fabric for a major statement.)  We both were super excited to move forward with the Kelly Wearstler fabric, but then we had a setback:  The lead time for the fabric was right at 30 days.  That lead time isn’t crazy long, but for this project that had to be finished in a month and a half, it wasn’t going to work. (Plus the upholsterer had to have 2 weeks for the bed, pillows, bench cushion and drapes.)

Plan b:

Guest Room Schumacher Fabric

Guest Room Schumacher Fabric 1

We ended up going with this Schumacher Nanjing Porcelain fabric for the bed/bench, and really, those renderings don’t do the fabric justice.  The background color is not as stark white as the online photo shows (& I knew this as I had the fabric sample in hand).  I’ll let the after/reveal photos do the talking…..

Here is Randi’s Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom:

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

I mentioned above that we had the Joss & Main upholstered bed covered in the Schumacher fabric for a major statement.  We also chose that chartreuse fabric and had throw pillows made in that as well as that red/orange fabric that we made into a bolster.

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.43.11 AM

The fabrics used on the bed were all investment fabrics, so we went with a budget friendly option for the drapes as we needed a simple, solid green linen.  The source for the fabric is at the end of the post, but I think that solid linen was around $10/yard, which was nice because we needed 21 yards, and that adds up as you can imagine.

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

The vintage dresser I had originally soured was from One Kings Lane and was actually reasonably priced (around $500, I believe).  Of course it sold the day I was presenting the design to Randi and Pablo…… Bummer, but Randi found an even better option via Craigslist!

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Like I mentioned, Randi previously owned the gentleman pieces that she found at antique shops and the left one via OKL.  She hung them using a curtain rod and chain that she painted to match the rod… looks SUPER high end but I love that it’s actually a really simple concept.

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

Traditional Eclectic Guest Bedroom

And that’s how this traditional guest room full of quirky, eclectic details turned out!  Randi told me her guests absolutely loved staying in the space and that she can’t help but smile every time she walks in the room.  And for me, that is ultimate gratification.

I’d love to know what you think…



king Bed | blue/white fabric (Bed, Euro Pillows, Bench Cushion) | chartreuse Fabric (Throw Pillows) | Fabric (Bolster Pillow) | Quilt | Duvet | Fur Throw Blanket

Nightstand w/ 3 Drawers | Nightstand w/ 1 Drawer | Table Lamps | Art (Existing) |

Dresser (Vintage) | Black Table Lamp | Gentleman Portraits (Vintage/Existing) | Clock

Green linen fabric (Window Treatments) | Drapery Hardware

Bench Cushion Fabric | Green Throw Pillow Fabric | gold Mirror (Existing)




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22 comments on “Traditional Eclectic Guest Room Reveal”

  1. What a great room! Love the bright bed with the vintage paintings. Would you mind sharing what program you are currently using for floor plans? I know you shared some free ones a while back but would love to know what you find easiest to work with. Also, your mood boards are incredible! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    1. Hey Brooke! Thanks so much for the kind words! These were created in Photoshop (a friend actually created these) but I typically use PS for everything – mood boards, design boards/renderings, etc.

      Thanks again!

  2. Such a great job! I love how unique it looks, so timeless and collected! Another great job! You’re becoming one of my favorite designers! Thanks for keeping it real!
    And that bed…amazing!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous transformation!! Love the fresh pops of traditional colors! Such a welcoming space!! So proud of you and you are my favorite designer!😘

    1. Hi Christin, thank you! And sure — my upholsterer works out of her home in Round Rock. She charges around $20/pillow. Kathy – (512) 785-0695 (She texts.) Best of luck with your project!

      Also/FYI – This client was out of Houston so the upholstery work here was done by someone who is in Houston.

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