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Throwback Thursday: Teen Bedroom


caitlin wilson

A throwback Thursday isn’t only for Instagram, or so I’ve decided!  Today I am sharing my little sister’s teen bedroom – a project I completed last year.  I shared the completed room on my blog last year, but since then I have switched domain names among other complicated things and I’m not even sure it’s still here.   I’m too lazy to scroll back 20 pages to see, so I’m sharing (again) in celebration that today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday.

So my sister, Camille, wanted a more refined space for her cute teenage self and came to me for help.  Or maybe it was the other way around and I convinced her she needed a new room to fit her mature high school ways.  Either way, she got a new room and we were both pleased.

We were on a budget for the room – The rug and curtains were from Overstock, mirror from World Market and most accessories from Target and Homegoods.

She didn’t have many requests, but she did want pops of color.  Music to my ears.

teen bedroom caitlin wilson

Just for a kicker – here is the before of the room compliments of my high school decorating self.

teen bedroom before and after

teen bedroom before and after

caitlin wilson

These pillows are what brought the space together.  Pillows are my thing.

floral pillows // grey geometric pillow // gold dot pillow

teen bedroom

teen bedroom

The dressers were a DIY.  You can see the tutorial here.

teen bedroom

teen bedroom

teen bedroom

This mirrored dresser was the only item we kept from the previous space.  The art is a Michele Armas print framed in IKEA frames.

teen bedroom

caitlin wilson

teen bedroom

How cute is she?!

teen bedroom makeover

*Images by Jenna McElroy



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16 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Teen Bedroom”

  1. I remember this darling room but I didn’t “know” you back then so I don’t remember if it was on your blog or on a One Room Challenge. Such a cute room!

    P.S. Thank your for the sweet comment on my ancient blog post. I haven’t blogged in ages. So sweet of you! xo

  2. I like the before. The second one looks like someone has been reading too many blogs and tried to copy their styling. Shoes on the floor bag on the bench.

    It looks forced.

  3. Hi Mrs. Claire,
    I normally don’t respond to negative trolling comments but I just want you to know how much I enjoy your design blog and especially this gorgeous teen room!!! I bet your teen sister really appreciated your time and ideas to create this beautiful “grown-up” eclectic space.
    There will always be a “negative nancy” out there that just want to make noise for the sake of making negative noise. These people are attention-seekers and enjoy stirring up blog drama and controversy. I don’t understand people like “Jessica” but just want you to know that you’re awesome and I enjoy following your blog! Continue to share your great ideas, research, trends and truly have an eye for design and thank you for all that you share! LOVE it all!!!
    ~~Liz Gonzales

  4. How gorgeous!!
    I think not only teens would enjoy this room, I’m in my early 30s and I prefer bright colours.. I would love this for myself (although don’t know a bout my husband haha). Wonderful… I love it!

  5. Hi Claire, not sure if you will see this since it’s a year later, but can you share the wall color? I’m looking for a warm gray for my daughter’s bedroom and love this one! The room is beautiful!

  6. Hi Claire, I have been looking for teen bedroom ideas forever and I love this one!! The design is gorgeous and fits my personality perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing her room with all of us!

  7. Hi Claire,
    Do you mind me asking where you purchased the mint/green lamps?
    I’m looking for some just like those and can’t find them anywhere!

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