The Truth About Our Master Bedroom…


master bedroom

The truth about our master is that is doesn’t look like the photos I shared for the reveal last year. Which is a little sad but unfortunately not uncommon when you put your house on the internet.  You have a “reveal day” but you’re not totally finished with the room so you style it but the styling doesn’t stick long term.  Maybe if our master did look like the photos I would want to keep it as is, BUT it doesn’t so here I go.

For starters, the wallpaper was a fail and it hurts me to say it because Parker worked so hard on it.  I was too eager after we moved in this rental and HAD to have a wallpapered wall.  I bought the roll really before planning how I would make a wallpapered wall work when traditional adhesive wasn’t allowed.  I dreamed up this idea that we would apply foam board to the wall and then apply the wallpaper to the foam board.  I never did an official DIY post for it because I knew all along that it was a little janky.  I’m not above a little janky here and there at this point in my life – I just didn’t want the post going viral on Pinterest or something – “How to Apply Wallpaper in a Non-Permanent Way” – (I would pin that) and then people doing it and leaving comments about how terrible of a DIY it was.  The foam board was an okay solution at first but it has now warped because wallpaper adhesive is too strong for foam board.

The completely reasonable thing to do would have been to go with a great temporary wallpaper.  The temporary wallpaper market has really stepped up their game in the past year.  There are SO many great patterns out there made by great companies.   When I was creating this room I found this marbled swirl pattern and had to have it.  It is a great pattern, but not worth being completely unrealistic about.

master bedroom

Another thing to note is that our bedding isn’t all plush and perfect looking.  We have a white comforter with NO pillows other than the pillows we sleep on which have ivory sheets that look not so lovely with the white comforter.

master bedroom

How did no pillows happen, right?  Well the leopard pillows float from room to room in the house, and I returned the orange and green pillow to Anthropologie after this shoot.  Terrible, I know, but it’s what happened.  Sometimes I buy things and return them when a shoot happens because I haven’t decided what I really want.  After I returned those pillows I just never bought replacements.  And we did keep the moroccan wedding blanket until 2 months ago when I sold that on Craigslist.

So, yes, I love this room, but since it never looked like the photos after it was shot, it’s always felt a little empty.  My fault, obviously.

I also want less boho.  It was fun while it lasted.  I love anything boho, but it was more of an experiment.  It’s definitely not what I consider my style even though Parker seems to think so as he shared with you all in the Valentine’s Spouse Q&A…  The photos are a great addition to my portfolio which is my ultimate goal right now.

I’ve already sold this whole vignette.

master bedroom

Well I sold the mirror and the wall hanging which I’m already regretting not because I want to use it, I just loved that thing.  But the girl that bought it was super excited and probably has real bohemian style.

master bedroom

This vignette over the dresser on the other hand did look like this permanently.

master bedroom I do love it, but I’m itching to switch out that dresser, which brings me to the point of this post.  I’m shopping around for dressers under $500.  I won’t be able to sell my current dresser for more than $500 so I want to keep it under that.  I haven’t done any serious looking but I figure there are probably other people out there looking for an inexpensive dresser option.  Some pieces are vintage and some are not.  The vintage pieces are all from Chairish which means the shipping costs as much or more as the actual piece of furniture BUT I thought there might be some readers in these cities.  #8 is actually outside of Dallas, which is good for me, but might not mean anything to you.

Dressers Under $500:

master bedroom

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Are you exhausted with all of this change yet?  Or is that what you expect from a home decor blogger who is trying to build her portfolio… 🙂

*photos: Chelsea Laine Francis 

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6 comments on “The Truth About Our Master Bedroom…”

  1. I think any blogger–or anyone who likes to decorate–could’ve written this. It’s all a big live and learn experience. I’ve had so many “janky” DIY projects but I was silly enough to blog about them 🙂 I actually loved hearing all of this. You’ll get it right–and it’s fun for us to watch.

  2. This is why I started a blog. I’m constantly doing this. Now, I’m doing it and taking pictures of it. 😉 Even when I finish a room, there are things that I still want to tweak. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. Not exhausted at all! I’m always interested to read why people make certain decisions in their home. It’s so easy to think you might want something because it looks great elsewhere, only to bring it home and realize it isn’t you. That photo of the wall hanging and horns is a fab little boho vignette, but if you’re not into the boho look then I totally get why you wanted to switch it out. Basically, keep the honesty coming! I think it’s refreshing.

  4. I love this! Love the honesty and the behind the scenes look. I am getting ready to launch a blog and sometimes doubt myself and feel grossly inadequate to start, but it is so nice to know that changing your mind and redefining your sense of style are ok. And the fact that I love this post so much helps me realize that people don’t want to read about perfection, they want to read REAL. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  5. I like this post. What I really applaud here is doing things ‘outside the box’ & following where your creativity takes you. Yes it is easier to do tried & true but there’s no growth in that. Trying & learning is key, the successes & seemingly not successes are all a part of that☺.

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