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The Perfect Console Table


Back again with another living room update.  This week our entry got some love.  While we don’t have a separate space that acts as an entryway, it’s not like the front door opens on the couch, so there is room for a a nice, welcoming console table. I believe that if your space permits you should always have some kind of “entry” setup.

So I’ve been searching for the perfect console table.   Perfect meaning the perfect price and the perfect face.  Sometimes those don’t go hand in hand, ya know?  This is what I would have bought if the perfect price wasn’t a factor.

the perfect console table

Owens +  Davis

This acrylic console can be found at CB2.  It’s gorgeous but more than I wanted to spend.

SO I went to my favorite budget spot, Target.  Around this time, Velvet Finishes contacted me to see if they could send some paint for me to try.  I had heard great things of the paint company through my paint guru friend, Cyndy.  I picked out my favorite color from their fabulous color gallery and ended up going with Handsome.  At this point I had no idea what I would paint, but I knew I’d find something.  Then I came across this console table from Target.  So much potential, right?  And the price can’t be beat.

I had already purchased our rug which is in the teal family, so I knew the Handsome color would be perfect on an entry table.  Painting with Velvet Finishes was a breeze.  It went on like butter.  It has a thick consistency that creates a nice, matte finish.  They key is to make long brushstrokes.  They also have a  polyurethane top coat which helps protects against high traffic areas.  I decided to put a coat of this since the entry table will be used as a catch-all for keys and bags as we enter the house.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

the perfect console table

I’ve really been crushing on mixed blues lately.  I’m using them throughout the living room, so I continued here since this is part of the living area.  The plan is to find a cool piece of art to hang/lean over the console table, but until then, books will have to do even though books are my favorite go-to when decorating.

As for the lamp, that would be a Homegoods score.  I went in with high hopes of finding a great white lamp (and okay with the idea of settling with a boring one), but I found this one and could have cried.  I mean it’s a pineapple with an acrylic base.  Does it get any better??

the perfect console table

I just can’t get over the color of blue.  Too good.  And yes, that is a 90’s Golf book in that stack.  Sometimes I buy random books at Goodwill because I like the color of the cover.

the perfect console table



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