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The Future of Our Kitchen…


Schuyler Sampterton

Meep, hello.  On the last house update, I ended by saying I didn’t know the future of our kitchen…….  Our original plan was to remove the kitchen to install the hardwoods but salvage the kitchen so that it could be reinstalled for us to use until a later kitchen reno.

Here’s the evolution of that space…




And here we are today:




This turned to that, and the back cabinets ended up not coming out in one piece.  We were totally okay with living with a disjointed kitchen for a year or so.  Disjointed as in the back of the island would be open/gross, appliances would be free standing, but it would all be worth it one day!

In the meantime, I reached out to Lowe’s to see if they were interested in a partnership where I show on the blog how to create a high style kitchen on a reasonable budget.  To my surprise, they came back and said they were interested and liked the design boards I had sent over……

*mind racing faster than it’s ever raced at this point*

I’ll spare you the details, but Lowe’s agreed to sponsor a kitchen makeover in hopes that I will show readers how to use their products to create a kitchen that is true to what I’m calling “unique” style — basically a kitchen that doesn’t look like the kitchen that populates Pinterest.  Like farmhouse style, there’s nothing wrong with the white kitchen that Pinterest loves, but Lowe’s (and myself) were interested in achieving something that feels a bit different than that.

So……. we are officially renovating our kitchen with Lowe’s help!  I really can’t put into words how grateful we are.  So, so, incredibly thankful that the Lowe’s team trusts in my vision to put their name on our kitchen.  Let’s hope I deliver………….. Did I mention this kitchen keeps me up at night????? (& rightfully so…..!)

Back to where we are now…… We’ve moved some things in the garage, but we are doing most of the moving tomorrow.  The floors are going in now and they are supposed to finish installing floors in the bedrooms by today so that we can move our stuff in those rooms tomorrow.  (We really don’t have much to move as I sold pretty much everything.)

Not sure if you caught that we moved that door that was in the center of the kitchen.  That door leads to the back hallway that opens to the garage.


That door separated the kitchen from the “breakfast nook”.  We really wanted to have a breakfast nook (we had the corner built in bench planned out and everything) but we ultimately decided to give up our breakfast nook for more kitchen space.


We moved that door that was in the center of the kitchen over about 3 ft to the right.


This now allows for L-shape cabinets that measures by 10′ x 15′ .  15′ across that back wall and 10′ across on the left wall.  We will do an island and that will measure 3.5′ x 8′.


The stove will be on the back wall centered under the ceiling arch, and the sink will be on the island also centered on that ceiling arch.  The fridge/pantry will be on the far left of the left wall of cabinets.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Claire Brody Kitchen Inspiration .

Claire Brody Kitchen Rendering

Claire Brody Kitchen Rendering

I’m not going into full detail on the elements as they have changed a bit from this original board, BUT I do want to talk about the Saltillo tile and also hear what you all think of it.  Back story: I was roaming through Lowe’s searching for inspiration/elements that I liked.  I came across Saltillo tile and was so drawn to its color and texture.  I’m going for minimal color throughout the house and if there is any color, I want it to feel very natural and muted.  I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t even know what Saltillo tile was when I first saw it.  I just loved how it looked.  I asked a salesperson if there was a matte sealant for it (it’s extremely porous) and he said yes, and showed me where it was.  My wheels started turning right then. I bought a sample of the tile and brought it home.  Parker: what is THAT??? Me: oh, nothing. (I refuse to discuss design details until I’m ready to put them in action — anyone else?) I started doing some inspiration research and couldn’t find ANYthing of this material used except I found a few annoying articles titled “2017 Design Trends” and what do you know, Saltillo tile was listed. My heart sank.  Trendy is the last thing I want this kitchen to be.  I found an element that I thought was beautiful and unique and I just wanted to use it and it not be named TRENDY.  Is that too much to ask??! I realize I am being dramatic here, but man, those trend reports are fun and annoying at the same time.  I love to read about trends, but I hate having something in my home that is trendy…… I know I’m not the only one.


I am still planning to incorporate the tile, but in a smaller way.  We’re having a vent hood made that will extend up to the ceiling, and I’m thinking of just tiling that??  I have no idea if this is possible, but I’d love to cut the 12″x12″ tiles in smaller (maybe 2″ x 2″) tiles or MAYBE even a cooler shape?? This material is so so porous, so I have a feeling that as soon as it’s wet, it will have to be handled extremely delicately so that it doesn’t break.

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going into detail, but I’m definitely going yummy green cabinets.  Also annoyed those were named “trendy” for 2017.  I’m going with the “if you love something, ignore the trends” motto here.  Clearly.  Green (because it feels so natural) will be one of the only colors found in the house and I really wanted the kitchen to feel as bold as neutrals can feel since it’s the backdrop when entering the living/kitchen.  The kitchen/living is one big room so I’m hoping they will feel married to one another.  I have all of the details planned/ordered for the living room (nothing else in the house has been a thought), but I will be sharing details on the living room soon!  Just have to move in first!


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13 comments on “The Future of Our Kitchen…”

  1. I think Jenny Komenda used saltillo tile in a backsplash for a Mexican restaurant she is doing. It was in her stories so it’s gone now, but it looked so good! It looked a little lighter and less orange — almost as if it was whitewashed.

    Have fun with your remodel! I like the direction you’re going!

  2. Dude. Saltillo is everywhere in Texas…hardly trendy, more like classic! My mom’s first floor is all Saltillo and we love it. Pretty variations in that gorgeous terra cotta color, super hardy/durable, etc. I think it’s a great pick!! And YAY Lowe’s!!

  3. I have saltilo tile in my kitchen and love it!!! It has been there for 20 years!!! I recently redid the kitchen but kept the tile. I love it!!! Upkeep has never been a problem. If you love it, use it!

  4. So excited about all of this! That’s awesome that you were able to partner with Lowe’s. Congrats! My grandparents used to have some Saltillo tile in their kitchen and I LOVED it. I’m sure it will be beautiful however you decide to use it. Can’t wait to see it all come together! Good luck moving all your stuff tomorrow 🙂

  5. On the Lowes site they have 2 different listings of the same saltillo tile – I think the other listing’s picture is probably more like the instagram picture you posted above, with a more whitewashed feel to it. Because Saltillo tile has so much variation, the important part for you will be picking out the tiles and being there when the tiler is installing the backsplash (maybe laying it out on the floor somewhat beforehand) because the installation placement of the tiles will be key. Especially if you are cutting them up into smaller tiles, you’ll want them not to just place the cut tiles up as they cut them, but mix them all up. Cool idea!

  6. I am so excited for you that you get to have this opportunity to do a kitchen from the ground up! I know what you mean about not being pleased that a certain color or style is really hot, I don’t like my choices to look like I just picked it out of a trend post either, but I am confident that whatever you decide it will look unique and be something only you could do.

  7. It looks great! And thanks so much for showing the room dimensions. It really helps to see what size your spaces are and also, how much is needed for the layouts, especially in the kitchen. Seems like we often see great room designs but not the actual size of the space. When looking for inspiration it really helps to know how much (or little) is needed for a design to work.

    We used to have a corner fireplace. It’s a great focal point, but can be challenging to work with, especially when it takes up the only corner of the room! I like corners and so many open floor plans don’t have many so it’s always great to see good furniture layouts.

    Thanks for all the details and good luck. I know it’s going to be beautiful and functional.

  8. Super excited to see all this come together! I can totally visualize where you are going with this and it is going to be soo good! I am also annoyed green has been named ” trendy” for 2017. I decided to paint my boys room a soft moody green back in October and I don’t want to have to change my whole design plan (items already purchased). = /

  9. This post makes me so happy! I love saltillo and just moved to South Texas where many houses already have it. We’re under contract on a home that has a saltillo-looking tile. However, the problem is that you only see saltillo among very traditional decor so I’m thrilled that you’ll be using it. I know you’ll give it a fresh spin! I’ve been keeping a pinterest board dedicated to saltillo and trying to pick out modern iterations of it: https://www.pinterest.com/amandanash/saltillo/

    Can’t wait to see how you use this awesome tile!

  10. Excited to see this come together! I used Saltillo tile for flooring in a semi recent kitchen design paired with cobalt blue cabinets and loved it. Stuck with square tiles but a brick layout to add a bit of visual interest to the floor without splurging on a unique shape. Now my head is spinning trying to imagine it as a backsplash!

  11. Saltillo is very popular in Austin and it is definitely a classic! I can’t wait to see your new house! Thanks for sharing! Love the direction you’re going in.

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