The Art of Hosting


The Art of Hosting

The last days of 2015 are coming to an end and I couldn’t feel better about getting a fresh start in 2016.  Call me hokey for making New Year’s resolutions, but it’s done and documented here.  Bottom line, I want to grow as a business owner and I’m excited to hopefully act on it.

One crucial item that I think must happen in order to grow my business is identifying my strengths versus my weaknesses.  There are some creatives that seem to be born multi-dimensional, meaning they can do anything and everything from executing a beautiful interior to hand lettering a stunning invitation suite to creating the perfect floral arrangement.  And they can probably photograph it too.  Me?  Not so much.  I’m willing to give different arts a try but people will never pay me to hand letter or arrange florals. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t practice to hopefully become decent.  I love that all creative arts can work together to create something beautiful.  If you can dabble in floral arranging, hand lettering, photography AND interiors, you are one talented person and can create something spectacular.  Thus why I am planning to start off the year right by attending a workshop here in Austin all about an art I’d love to learn more about: hosting.

Calligrapher guru, Natalie of Mint and Maple, and floral arranging expert, Carly of Margot Blair Floral, have come together to teach us the art of hosting.  If you are local to Austin or need an excuse to make a trip, this is it!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to attend and learn everything needed to know to host the perfect party (and then blog about it, of course).

The Art of Hosting will take place on January 16th in Hutto, TX (right outside of Austin) at the fabulous newly renovated event venue, One Eleven East.

Natalie and Carly cover everything you need to know about the event HERE and tickets can also be purchased through that site.

If you are a new business owner and want to grow as a creative, I highly recommend this workshop.  It’s sure to be great and the networking will be an added plus.  It will be a good time and I hope to see you there!




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  1. I’ve definitely been thinking about strengths and weaknesses this week. My weaknesses sometimes feel a bit easier to identify! I’ve been thinking about finding some local photography workshops or classes, but I also love the idea of a hosting workshop. I adore calligraphy and so wish I had that skill. I think it’s great that you’re focusing on growing your business, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

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