Table Lamps AND Sconces??


table lamps and sconces

Emily Henderson

I need your opinion.  Is it crazy to use both table lamps AND sconces in a bedroom?  Table lamps are certainly the more popular lighting source for bedrooms, and sconces are more of a treat.  But what about using both?  And not on opposite ends of the room… I mean both lighting sources used right next to each other. Is it lighting overload?  I’ve seen it done a few times lately.  Emily Henderson’s guest bedroom particularly caught my eye.

table lamps and sconces

Emily Henderson’s guest room

Emily said they used table lamps for overall lighting and the sconces for reading lighting.

I think they actually double lamped because the art needed a little extra width to look proportionate to the bed.  The sconces also added a little extra height which made the tall art less of a drop off.  The sconces extended the art which was the right thing to do.  BUT if they would have only done sconces and no table lamps, the nightstands would have been lost.  The nightstands needed some added height (not with art because that would be silly to have that much art in one place).  Table lamps were needed on the nightstands.  Emily Henderson always knows best.

table lamps and sconces

I’ve seen double lighting done a few other places, but this space has really stuck with me.

My guest room has a similar situation and I’ve gone back and forth on doubling up on lighting.  Some might think it’s silly.  Some might say as longs as it’s appealing to the eye, it’s all good.

What do you think?

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7 comments on “Table Lamps AND Sconces??”

  1. Hi Claire,
    I’ve noticed this trend as well. The first time I saw it, the room was a winner in a design contest. In that case it looked ridiculous and like a mistake because the two elements fought with each other. The sconces should be unobtrusive and in a complimentary style to the lamps; a little like a satellite (satellight?) 😉 In this case, I think Emily did a very good job in terms of the visuals. Love her work! Although I’m surprised that the sconces aren’t hardwired into the wall? Maybe that’s the look or maybe it’s not possible because of the wall itself. From a practical standpoint, would hate having that light shining down right over my head. I think the light should either be bounced towards the ceiling. (it’ll fall back down) or else a different style that diffuses the light better.

  2. This has been a question I’ve been mulling over for the past 5 years for our master bedroom. The only lights in our bedroom are some horrible looking sconces above our bed. I had lamps on our night stands for a few years and then moved them because I thought it looked funny. I actually hate it now because the sconces really are not enough light by the bed. Anyways…this is all very long but I do think it can work, Emily’s room is fabulous!!!! Now I am just trying to figure out the right pairing of sconces and lamps!! Good luck to you!!!

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