Summer Home Tour 2015


Welcome to our summer home tour 2015!  No time of the year makes me happier than summertime, so when Marty from A Stroll Thru Life asked me to be a part of her summer home tour series, I’ll be honest, I was really honored and also really glad to have an excuse to spruce up our home for summer.  If you’re linking over from Thrifty and Chic, how did you ever leave her home tour??  Her clean and fresh style make me want to redecorate all over again……. 😉

If you haven’t noticed the not so subtle hints on my Instagram, today is my birthday!  When Marty told me I was assigned to this day, I knew it would be a good day.  I’ve never had thousands of people show up for my birthday, but really guys, I’m honored!!! 😉  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on what time of the day it is), and come on in for this virtual party.

summer home tour 2015

We just moved into our house a short 3 months ago and finally got the porch in decent condition to entertain.  A mosquito repellant bath is definitely a necessity before spending time out here.

summer home tour 2015

I actually brought this space on the news with me to talk about outdoor living.  I tried really hard to appear like it wasn’t my second time ever to talk on tv.  You can see the video on my new press page.

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

Through the front door…

And our living room where all of the lounging happens.

Our sofa usually has less pillows and more blankets, which are piled behind the sofa right now.  Even if they are nonfunctional, throw pillows are my favorite accessory.  I change them out at least once a season.

This arrangement was an IKEA hack (I kid you not).  It is a real/faux flower arrangement as I call it, and I’ve decided it is more of a life hack.  I started with a faux wreath from IKEA and went to town from there.  I shared the tutorial and sources here.

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

Onto the very old kitchen that oozes personality.  We rent, so there’s no updating in our future, although it sure does make things less complicated.

summer home tour 2015

Our kitchen cart gets lots of use as we have close to no counter space.  I found it for $20 on Craigslist and shared the makeover here.

summer home tour 2015

Our master bedroom…

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

summer home tour 2015

a bold and colorful home tour

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59 comments on “Summer Home Tour 2015”

  1. It looks so beautiful. I always have to go back and look through your photos more then once and drink in all the fun patterns and textures. Just love it and so well done! I adore that you have your own unique style that shines through.

  2. Good grief I would never have known you were in a rental! I agree with Julia, above…your style shines through! I love all the mix of colors and patterns too. And your kitchen vignette is just perfect. 🙂 Your home looks like a wonderful place for summer entertaining.

  3. I’m so amazed by how gorgeous your home is after only having been there a few months – I was still weeding through the boxes at that point! You know I love your style and really enjoyed seeing some new pics of your home! And happy birthday – hope you have a great day!!

  4. First up HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope today is super, super special. You know that I am a BIG fan of your use of color and pattern. Your home is fabulous. I still drool over your bedroom makeover, it is definitely a favorite.

  5. First off may I wish you a VERY happy birthday! Your home had me at leopard and floral. I adore the kitchen silhouette towel of swimmers in bathing caps and will be featuring your image on my blog tomorrow.

    Thank you for a grand tour!

  6. Happy Birthday sweet Claire!! You know I couldn’t love your fabulous eclectic style more! It’s one of a kind and you have such a knack for giving it that effortless collected look! Just beautiful!!

  7. I can never get enough of your style! That outdoor area – beyond amazing! I just love your use of all the colors and patterns. I wish I had that kind of eye! Happy birthday and happy summer!

    1. HA!! Come on over! We should trade homes for a week…. Charlotte is on my short list 😉 Thanks for the kind words, Summer! Oh, pineapple lamp is from Homegoods a couple of months ago!

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