Changes Around the House – Experimenting with Color


Experimenting with Color

A lot has happened in our home over the past 6 months.  Our living room looked like this exactly a year ago for the 2015 Summer Home Tour……..

Summer Home Tour 2015

And now…….

Experimenting with Color

I love these home tours because it’s so fun/interesting too see how things change over time.  This tour today is hosted by Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co.  If you are following the lineup, you came over from A Designer at Home and up next is Julie Blanner.  (Full lineup at the end of the post.)

I’m really not partial to either two versions of our living room.  They’re both very fun, but I would probably go in a totally different direction if I were to start clean.  (Is that surprising????)  Neither of these spaces were super intentional (sometimes that’s WAY more fun), where my parents’ living room had me literally obsessing over every detail.

My own home is where I try things that I really have no clue as to how they will turn out.  A client’s space is obviously not the time and place for that, so I of course only present design ideas/plans in which I am very confident will work out.  My house……..not the case at all.  Most would probably think it’s a total waste of time/money/energy to continue redoing ones home, but I am so eager to try new things at this point that I can’t help it.  I’m trying to train my eye to immediately recognize what I am drawn to and more importantly, why I love it, and I’ve found that it’s really helpful to actually follow through with some ideas that pop into my head…..

Anyway, bottom line, we are renting, and sometimes I take that idea TOO far by thinking nothing has to ever be permanent as long as we rent.  Yet at the same time, I love experimenting with my own home because I can physically see my style evolving whether I like it or not.

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

I also painted our kitchen green on a whim a few months ago…

Experimenting with Color

Other than the wall color, our kitchen has remained the same since we moved in.

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color

Experimenting with Color And that’s it for today!  Be sure to check out the other tours today (major inspo!)  Up next is Julie Blanner and the full lineup is below.

Photography by Kayla Snell.




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30 comments on “Changes Around the House – Experimenting with Color”

  1. Hi Claire! I discovered your blog through the One room challenge. I absolutely love what you did with your parents’ living room, it’s really pretty, classic yet modern… beautiful. There are so many thing I love about your house! I don’t do purple, but that bookcase is making me change my mind!! It looks so rich and luscious, but my favourite bit is the dining room. Those red chairs against the green wall!!! Love it, and the oversized print is abslutely incredible. I’m also spending crazy amounts of time decorating my rented place (diy way, not big budget!) and you inspire me to go big and ballsy, so thanks a lot for that. you’re very talented.

  2. I love that your home is your playground. I think it keeps the creativity flowing and if you don’ t like something it’s yours and you can just have a do-over. Happy summer! xo

  3. Just found your blog and I love it!
    What is the story with the huge art in your kitchen? Did you make that somehow???

  4. So pretty, Claire. We are renting, too, and just hung curtains on the bay windows (something I hesitated to invest in–so I went the IKEA route). So happy now. I think because we are exposed to so many new styles…we like to change things up. Nothing wrong with that 🙂

  5. Love the changes! I think the continual shift and change is important for a designer and a stylist, it shows you are current in your tastes, fearless about changing color, texture, or layout, and creative in the mix of vintage and contemporary. Cute that the one constant in these two pics is the chair! You prove that you are what you say you are, and that should be appealing to prospective new clients. Not to mention the variety you add to your portfolio.
    Beats the expense and time spent flipping houses, right? 🙂

  6. That wall mural in your dining room is so gorgeous!! Loving those pale blue drapes with the mustard yellow sofa…perfect duo! Great tour! Happy summer!

  7. Girl, I swear your style is probably my favorite out there! I’m so inspired by so many people, but gosh, I love how you mix touches of boho with other elements AND how you mix color – always so inspired by that! Trying to emulate you in my own home 🙂

  8. I just LOVE your style! You never disappoint. And I’m with you on changing things up! Can’t stop, won’t stop 😉 It’s too much fun (my poor husband is never quite sure what he’s coming home to).

  9. A friendly FYI in regard to one of your photos–Kafir is a racial term with derogatory connotations. I don’t know your situation (I’m a historian and probably have similar on my shelves), but wanted to let you know in case you didn’t.

  10. The first thing I noticed about your blog is you have a terrific sense of color. I especially love the vignette with your corner settee with the golden cushions, pink and blue pillows and pale blue drapes. So serene and such an unexpected combination. I love it! I don’t normally like red and green but your dining room really works too with the minty green shade and black and white art. Wow what inspiration you’ve given us!

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