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Because Why Not?



….why not invite a new, dear friend over at the last minute for a strawberry ice cubes + prosecco happy hour?? I always convince myself I DON’T need to do these kinds of things if I’m being honest.  Things like going to the Austin Bloggers Mixer, meeting for coffee with an Instagram friend or just inviting a lovely friend over for no reason actually is very refreshing despite being the extroverted introvert I am.   I convince myself that I should just work through the evening or that I’d rather watch recorded tv from my sofa, but I always feel so reenergized when I do something out of the ordinary.

I had a bottle of VOVETI prosecco and decided I would turn in into something special rather than drinking it while watching Scandal.  I texted a friend and asked her to come over for happy hour that evening.  I dragged my bar cart outside despite our outdoor space looking like this. (I told you I was done with excuses.)


I moved a few plants as well as a couple of chairs and pillows to make it feel cozy.


I had some strawberries in the fridge, so I made strawberry ice cubes for a little excitement.  We have ice cube moulds due to no ice maker, so I put half of a strawberry in each mould, filled it with water and froze for a couple of hours.


They melted pretty fast since we were outside, but the strawberry surprises were fun.



The prosecco was wonderful.  VOVETI feels chic yet it’s very affordable.  It’s the perfect prosecco for occasions like this.



I told you there was a friend involved.  Just picture me in that other chair, but someone had to take a photo.  Corinne is the sweetest, and there’s a chance she was just being kind and appreciative for the hospitality, but she said this was just what her week needed.  That made two of us.


We talked about life, the weekend, careers, food and what workout class we were doing the next day.


I had this card in my stash and brought it out just because.

I highly recommend doing something out of the ordinary for you and a friend(s).  It was refreshing and a great mid-week pick me up.

Happy weekend!


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