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Client Soft & Feminine Nursery: The Plan


Soft Feminine Nursery Inspiration


Nurseries have to be the most fun room to design.  There’s so much excitement when working with a mom on her soon to be child’s space.  They want it to be perfect, and I want it to be perfect for them.

This room design was for a friend who had her second child back in February.  I’ve been waiting to blog about it until I could photograph it, and I’m hoping to shoot it in the next couple of weeks. Blogging about it today will force me to make sure that happens.

We had a completely fresh start as the family had just purchased the home.

Nursery Before:

Soft & Feminine Nursery Before

Cosmetic changes were made to the space – hardwoods installed, new doors and window treatments.

This project was an e-design, so all communication was done via email.  We started with a joint Pinterest board and started pinning like crazy.  The Pinterest stage is such an important  stage in the process because it ensures that both the client and I are on the same page.  From the very beginning Lacey (friend/client) said she was in love with this peony watercolor wallpaper and that Mallory’s nursery was major inspiration for her.

I mean, Mallory’s nursery IS insane.  I’m sure you have all seen in on the internet.  It’s gone viral and for good reason.

Client Inspiration:

Style Your Senses Nursery

Style Your Senses Nursery

Style Your Senses Nursery

Style Your Senses Nursery

I threw out several different ideas (including alternative wallpaper options) just to see if Lacey liked any of them, but she ultimately loved the peony paper the best.  She said she liked the other options but just kept coming back to her original favorite.

Soft & Feminine Nursery Pinterest Board

After it was confirmed that we would use the peony wallpaper as the focal point, I started designing around that.

Soft & Feminine Nursery Inspiration:

Soft Feminine Nursery Inspiration

image 1 | image 2 | image 3 | image 4 | image 5 | image 6

The floor plan was pretty obvious, but I wanted to show how an 8×10 rug would fit.

Luce Floor Plan

And this is the design board that I presented to Lacey:

  Soft & Feminine Nursery Design


I think I covered the thought process on this one.  This was a must have for Lacey and the room was built around the paper.  It’s couldn’t be more perfect for a sweet nursery.


The wallpaper was applied on the back wall as an accent wall, so it’s obviously the focal point in the room.  I sourced this mirror for over the crib to really highlight the crib in front of the accent wall.


I didn’t want the crib to take away or compete with the wallpaper so I went with a simple Jenny Lind crib.  I love how classic it is.


This chandelier adds a major glam factor to the space.  So feminine and sophisticated.


Because I’m familiar with the town Lacey lives in (my hometown), I was able to source a vintage dresser/changing table for the space.  With the white walls this piece is so needed.  I think it brings so much character to the space.


This rug adds so much soft texture, and I love it.  I think Lacey actually went with a hide rug which will look just as great.

Window Treatments

Lacey went with a roman shade for the small window and hanging drapes to frame the double doors.  She really wanted pink to be the dominant color in the space, and this was our way of adding pink in a big way.

Paint Color

We went with SW Snowbound for the 3 surrounding walls.  Lacey originally asked about pink walls surrounding the wallpaper, but I thought that would be too much.  I suggested pulling a shade of white from the wallpaper as it would compliment and allow for an easy transition between the wallpaper and paint color.

Pink Accents

I suggested using pink accents in the space through pillows/throws/etc.


Lacey already had a glider that is similar to this one, but I still added this one to the board to show how it would all fit together.

Although I haven’t seen the nursery in real life yet, I don’t think many changes were made when carrying out the design plan.  I can’t WAIT to see it, photograph it and share it with all of you.



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