So I Married a Blogger…


I Married a Blogger

Well, I never thought this day would come, but in lieu of Valentine’s Day this weekend, I’m turning the blog over to Parker today.  His name gets dropped a lot, I talk about him like you all know him, and he puts up with a lot.  A lot a lot.

I teamed up with a fun group of bloggers to allow our husbands to really spill what happens behind closed doors.  You know, what it’s really like to live with an insane blogger who changes sofas like she changes her wardrobe each season.

Without further ado, meet Parker and learn what he really thinks about all of this….

I Married a Blogger

How involved are you with Claire’s blog?

If you count all of the painting, hanging light fixtures, and giving my constant approval to whatever comes in the door then more than I ever thought I would be.

How often do you read the blog?  Are you an avid reader or do you see enough at home?

I read it everyday, most of the time it’s to proofread, but if I forget to do that or am not asked to then I still read it when I get the email(s) at work. (I have the email sent to 3 different emails from testing it and never removed them from the lists.)

How much time does Claire spend on her blog? What are her hours like?

She’s working all day every day in her mind at least, but she works pretty typical hours (8-5) unless an emergency pops up, as they often do.

Are you the cheap manual labor or is there hired help for that?  In other words, does Claire use you for your handy work?

Without question, I feel like that’s the only thing I’m good for around the house.

Describe Claire’s style.

She’s going to kill me when this is way off, but I think it’s called boho chic with vintage mixed throughout.  I’m sure that’s completely wrong but I’m going with it.

(I spit out my coffee when I read this.  Bless it.)

Describe your style.

It changes often, used to have the country club look, then the frat look, but now I’m looking for more “hipster dressy.”

(I was not aware he was so familiar with his style, but yes, he speaks the truth.  He was once a prepster turned frat star turned hipster.)

How often does your home change?  

Is every day a realistic answer?  There seems to be something new added or taken away every time I walk in the front door.

How many different sofas have you had since marrying Claire?

Currently on couch #4 and haven’t gotten to our 3rd wedding anniversary yet.

(5 if you count the one that lasted for a week before it was returned…)

How often do you offer decorating advice?  Does she consider your opinion?

I attempt to throw the decorating lingo out all the time, but I rarely think it has any effect.  Claire takes into account how she knows I’ll feel about something but no, I don’t think my decorating skills are anything close to acceptable for her to consider.

What’s your favorite room in the house? Why?

I love our living room, even though it changes all of the time it has the best “scotch drinking” leather chair I’ve ever seen, and as long as Claire doesn’t take that out then I’ll be happy and continue to love that room.

scotch chair

What does it really look like behind the camera?

Depends what the shoot is and if I’m there or not.  I know when I’m there she tries harder to keep things neater behind the camera, but when I’m not there the house might have couches on top of couches when I come home.

What is a project that you hate but have never voiced (or maybe you have)?

I really don’t have one that I hate, other than sometimes not wanting to actually go forward with one because I feel lazy or like doing something else.  Otherwise, all of the rooms feel very homey and relaxing.

Do you know of Claire’s blogger friends?  If so, who’s your favorite?

I think I know just about every single one of her blog friends, although I can’t always keep their blog name straight with their actual name when she goes back and forth between the two.  Hmmmm, my favorite is probably Snoopnattynat because we can’t stop laughing at how funny and cute her kid, #Francesmoon, is.  I put the hashtag for a reason, check it out and thank me later…

(We call Natalie, “SnoopyNattyNat”, as it’s her Instagram name, and yes, Frances Moon is the closest thing we have to a kid.)

What’s your favorite aspect of Claire being a blogger?  Least favorite?

I like having new things around the house and seeing change, with the exception of my chair as I mentioned, that thing has to stay or we’ll be having a different conversation.  Least favorite is obviously the hours at times that she has to work compared to when I’m home from my job.  Otherwise, there’s nothing I don’t like about Claire getting to do something she’s so passionate about because I find that so rare with most everyone.

What are your household chores? 

Anything and everything that’s not decorating.

(He speaks the truth….)

What’s something about Claire that her readers might not know (but she would be okay with you sharing)?

Claire’s honestly one of the funniest and goofiest people on this planet, and I’m pretty sure I’m one of very few people who ever get to see that side of her, blog or human world alike.

What does Claire REALLY want for Valentine’s Day, and what are you getting her?

This answer is simple, she wants to buy a house, and I’ve convinced her to wait for one more year for a few reasons, but I got her a trip to San Francisco instead with a few fun surprises along the way there.


And there you have it, Parker Brody.  He is the best person I know and somehow manages to take care of me.

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26 comments on “So I Married a Blogger…”

  1. OK, you two are cuter than all get out! But you can tell Parker you are not the only one who has kept a couch for a week and sent it back…… and I will never live it down.

  2. These are hilarious!! Thank you for hosting and for including us, we are so honored and have loved reading through all of these hysterical posts. These husbands of ours — totally keepers!! And we agree with Parker… the leather chair is pretty amazing! =) Thanks Claire!

  3. Cheers to that chair. My husband would kill for one. LOVED reading this. You two are darling and I especially love that he gets to see your humor and stripped down self (not that kind of stripped down . . keep it clean, people). What a darling couple and the SF trip sounds amazing. xo Loved being a part of this. (Oh, and we love Frances Moon, too, and we have kids!)

  4. Loved this post and I love this loop you put together. Probably one of my favorite posts of the year! I love that you and your husband have fake-adopted #francesmoon too. She’s my fave. Girl has more style than I could ever DREAM of having!!

  5. SO funny! 🙂 I sould do the same with my husband. I’m sure his first comment would be that I spend WAY too much time blogging and online… oops! Even if he’s very supportive! I know I have to be careful to stay reasonable to keep ‘real time’ with him, my family… Anyway you two look amazing and so supportive of each others! Great post!

  6. I love this series! I am going to have to ask my husband these questions because now I’m dying to know if he remembers how many sofas we’ve had. I have a feeling many of his answers will be pretty similar. I laugh because almost everyone’s husband said the house changes daily. I think mine has stopped noticing…

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  9. I got way behind on blog reading and came across this via your post today. Love this post and can’t wait to read about the other men behind the blog. Natalie is one of my favorites, too. I mean you can’t get much cuter than Frances Moon with the face and sweet little belly!

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