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Shared Kids’ Bedroom Design Plan (& A Lesson Learned)


Shared Kids' Room Design Plan

David A. Land

Morgan, who happens to be a repeat client, recently came to me about creating a shared kids’ room for her two little ones (boy + girl).  She wanted a guest room in the house and had decided to create a shared room for the kiddos in order to free up the extra room for a guest bedroom.  Morgan knows what she likes and already had a few pieces pinned to a Pinterest board like this upholstered bed and mentioned that she especially loved this clean look.  She wanted something clean and pulled together, and was overall happy with the pieces I chose:

Guest Bedroom Design Plan

1 – mirrors | 2 –bed | 3 – blue pillow | 4 – red pillow | 5 – QUILT & SHAMS | 6 – TABLE LAMPS | 7 – side table

Once the guest bedroom was finalized, we moved onto the shared kids’ room.  I had never done a shared kids’ room but have always been into the idea.  I always thought they were cute, but I can now say from experience that achieving a gender neutral space that gives each child their own “area” all while creating a cohesive space is no walk in the park.  I really love working on kid rooms, so this project was a good challenge.

For the shared kids’ room, Morgan really liked the idea of twin beds and each bed having their own “moment” like this:

Shared Kids' Room Design Plan

David A. Land

Because of the room layout, I suggested daybeds (really pushed the idea of a rattan daybed), but we were unable to find one at a price that stayed within budget.  (BTW – that rattan daybed from Urban Outfitters that I can’t stop talking about is sold out.  Although I knew it was coming because it was such a good piece, I am kicking myself for not buying inventory and hoarding for future projects…..)

Morgan ended up finding vintage twin beds on Craigslist for a steal and went ahead and purchased those.  They needed to be painted, so the paint color was a great starting point for the room.  She suggested green, which I immediately agreed was the perfect color for a gender neutral space.  I put together this plan:

A Shared Kids Room

Vintage Bed Paint Color | Sconce | Letters | Pom Pom Garland | Blue Stripe Bedding | Yellow Stripe Bedding | Rainbow Pillow | Plus Sign Rug  | Teepee | Globe Map Tapestry | 6 Drawer Dresser | Gallery Wall Frames | Green Task Lamp | Pouf | Floating Shelf Picture Ledge

The problem…. When Morgan said “green”, she meant the sage green pictured all over our joint Pinterest board.  I heard green and immediately went to a  bright and poppy place, but she had soft and muted in mind.  Lesson learned: one shade of green means bright and poppy and another shade of green means soft and muted.  More important lesson learned: Know which one your client wants.

A few inspiration images from our Pinterest board….

Shared Kids' Bedroom Design Plan

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

So what to do when there is miscommunication and the designer is at fault?  You make it up to that client and don’t think twice.  This was the first time I experienced major miscommunication like this, but it honestly ended up being a nice learning experience.  Client satisfaction is super important to me, so I cancelled the invoice for the first design board and re-created this one that was “soft and muted”, just what Morgan had in mind.

A Shared Kids Room

Vintage Bed Paint ColorWall Sconce | Letters | Flag Garland | Chambray Duvet Cover | Chambray Pillow Sham | Pink Duvet Cover | Pink Pillow Sham | Blue Throw Pillow | Floral Throw Pillow | Pencil Stripe Rug | Gallery Wall Frames | Green Task Lamp | Pouf | Floating Shelf Picture Ledge

Morgan was really happy with this design, and that in turn made me really happy.  She has already ordered the rug and bedding.  This is another project that I’m hoping to photograph and share very soon!

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