A Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design (or 4)




Way back when I hosted an E-Design giveaway and haven’t shared anything on what came of that project since then.  Well, Emily from St. Louis was the “winner”, and it’s been a blast thus far working together.  Here’s a bit from Emily on the space in need of a makeover:

What spaces will be designed?  Our bedroom (my husband and I).  I have to add that everything in our room is up for changing. We have plaster walls and some of them need reskimmed or replaced, so that’s what I will do before I paint or do anything like that.

How will the room be used?  Sleeping mostly – it’s pretty small.

How do you want the space to feel?  I want it to feel relaxing, cozy and like a sanctuary.

How would you describe your style? (traditional, transitional, modern, mid century modern, curated, minimalist, etc.)  I’m somewhat eclectic with a mid century modern lean. I also hate clutter, so I’m more on the minimalist side.

Do you have furniture or accessories that will be incorporated into the design?  Not really, everything that is currently in our bedroom can be replaced if I find something that matches my style better.

Are there specific pieces that you want sourced for the space?  Since our bedroom is so small, I’ve been considering a bed with storage. I’d prefer something really streamlined though and not super high. I’ve been thinking about building one myself with the guidance of a friend who is a woodworker. I was originally imagining one upholstered, because I like that look and thought it would soften the room.  No storage bed is not a deal breaker, though. Having one would just create more space for winter clothes.

What colors do you love?  What colors do you hate?  I love blue, as does my husband. I particularly love darker blues, like Farrow & Ball’s hague blue or another blueish-green I’ve found called Newburg Green (not sure of the manufacturer). I am really a fan of all different variations of blue except for baby blue.  I also like citron, but not sure if I’d go for it in a room design or not.  My husband hates earth tones, like beige or tan. I agree with him.

What is your budget?  Not including a design fee, I’d say about $1,500. It’s low, but I try really hard to source things from estate sales and Craigslist in St. Louis. There usually is a good amount of things to pick from. $1,500 isn’t necessarily set in stone, either.

And here is the bedroom before:

Before before before before before

The space has GREAT potential.  I was so excited when Emily sent over these photos.  Because the room has such great natural light, we discussed going with a bold, rich wall color.

Emily: “Right now, the walls (and the baseboards) are Kilz white, and I hate them because they lack personality. I don’t think I dislike them because they’re white, I think it’s just because they look unfinished and have no dimension to them.”

Bold wall color it is.

 The floor plan is pretty limited with the size of the bedroom.  We kept the bed/dresser placement the same.


After pinning together, this is the mood board that I put together for the space.

Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design

In order to stay within budget, Emily said she would be up for building a bed.  They wanted something with storage and something that could be upholstered and researched and found that they could build it for under $500 plus fabric.  For the design boards, I used this bed from Anthro just to give a visual for the bed.  The bed wont look the same, but the Anthro upholstered beds have lots of color options.

The first design board I sent over:

Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design

paint color

From Emily: “I’m interested in knowing what the colors would look like if they are reversed, with an olive green bed frame and blue walls (like this picture you showed me). Could you send me a good blue color that would work in this reversed scheme?”

And here are the wall and bed colors reversed:

Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design

paint color

I also sent over a few more color options just for fun.

Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design

paint color

Rich Yet Muted Bedroom Design

paint color

Overall, Emily liked the design plan.  She expressed that of all of the color combos, she was leaning towards the lighter blue walls.

I do have to know, which do you prefer??

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