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Reader Survey Results

Before I put out the reader survey last week, there were times when I wondered who I was really writing to.  Subconsciously I write to a mid 30s gal who would put decorating in her top 3 interests/hobbies.  She reads design blogs, scours Pinterest and thinks about decorating her house WAY too much (in her opinion, not mine).  She knows the trends but doesn’t want to be trendy.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a lot of you ARE that girl.  Not everyone of course, but a lot of you are very interested in home decor, which is music to my ears.  I’m not sharing every survey answer (that would be overkill), but below are some of the memorable answers you guys submitted.

Who you are:

“I am an interior design and ‘making’ addict. I spend just about every spare second thinking about decorating and thinking up ways to change/edit the things I have. I work in admin at my kids school but I really want to work in a creative field. Hoping to work on that this year.”

“Stay at home wife, recent empty nester, constantly changing things up at home – mostly because we moved and it’s really hard to make friends when you are old so it gives me an outlet for my creativity!”

“My passion is home design! I spend a ridiculous amount of my free time reading different blogs, thinking/scheming/dreaming of projects. It’s what I truly love to do. I also love reading your blog. I have been preparing myself for over a year now, but I think I’m finally ready to start a blog of my own!”

**Do it!!!

“im an occupational therapist but would really love to switch careers in the near future and become an interior designer. im not sure how to make that happen but its totally my dream. do i need more schooling…i honestly dont know but we shall see”

“I’m an RN who loves decompressing with DIY projects. I love vintage decor, and like to mix it in with new finds. Working on making my first house a home…slowly but surely.”

“Interior decorating is a fun hobby for me. I love to find good deals. I think books, blogs and Pinterest all all helpful to learn about life as an interior designer. I really love when good designers have a quality presence on Instagram and snapchat, as quick little snippets are best for me.”

“Stay at home mom, aspiring blogger/interior decorator”

“I stay home with 2 boys, 3 and 4. Love to cook, read and travel! My husband and I are in a rental right now and I’m slowly trying to get it the way I want on a budget. Not making any huge investments until we are in a more pennant home 🙂 Love all your design tips.”

“read blogs, travel, read books, advocate for libraries, short hair, and domestic violence aware.”

“I own my own business and love Pilates. I’m a homebody since I work so much, and I love my dogs. I watch too much HGTV and read too many design books for not being a decorator.”

“Raising my family, trying to live in a budget while wishing/trying to improve our home with functional yet beautiful design. Totally dream of interior design all day every day since college!”

“trying to win cash sweepstakes”

**ha, had to include that one.*

“Gardening, pets (cats and dogs), country life, outdoors, and rearranging my living room constantly to the dismay of my husband.”

**I feel you on the last part.

“I’ve gone from an 850 sq ft NYC apartment to a new-build 3,252 sq ft house. I’m frozen on what to do with it, especially because it’s new. I’ve read home design blogs for years, and yours is one of the ones I currently check almost daily for posts.”

“Reading, writing, coding, dreaming and desperately trying to build a cohesive design to my home decor!”

What you want me to know:

“My favorite blogs are the blogs where I feel like I know the writer personally. I’d love to hear more about your personal life! Sorry, I’m nosy. :)”

“More explanation of design choices as they relate to function and organization would be a welcomed addition. Budget breakdowns would also be valuable. More small diys are always great too. “How to Entertain” posts would also be appreciated. Less fashion, only because it feels more like filler when compared to your interior design content. It’s getting harder to find design bloggers who don’t throw in “fashion blogger type” posts, but I would appreciate them more if somehow they tied them back into interior design since the two, after all, are inextricably linked in the real world.”

“I love the room makeovers. Your style is so different (in that you seem to easily go from one style to the next) but also very relatable. I said less of DIY above, only because I don’t have time for DIY. I love reading about it…it’s just my least favorite if I absolutely had to have one :)”

“I would like to see more of your client projects, if they are willing to have them shared!”

“Less fashion-largely because we have different body types- otherwise I imagine the posts would be useful.”

“I would like to see more of your client work before and afters as much as possible, I love seeing a room transformed into someone’s dream (hence my obsession with HGTV). You should also do videos! :)”

“more design tips, makeovers and thought process behind makeovers”

“I’m always interested in learning of sources that are attainable/affordable. I’m not a DIY person naturally, so I’m more likely to buy.”

Maybe figure out a way for your site to not post double pics on mobile phone? Or that just may be iPhones or the browser..?

**This is my mom.  She always asks me about this :).  I know the double top photo is annoying from a mobile device – it’s the mobile plugin that adds the “feature photo” which also happens to be the first photo of the post.

“I like real projects: room makeovers, diy projects, etc. I like seeing a design evolve. I don’t like boring product placements or very small diy projects that seem more like an excuse to push Lowes/Home Depot/whatever than an attempt to solve an actual problem. I’d rather read fewer posts of genuine interest than more that are not very substantive. Bloggers must be told that their readers like top 10 lists and shopping roundups a lot, because they’re ubiquitous. I hate them. I don’t like feeling that I’m being sold something.”

“I love your point of view and eye for layering style and color. The content your produce is gobbled up more eagerly than other blogs I read with a more generic/trendy style. Really, anything you produce that is true to your instincts is more of what I want to read, home, fashion or otherwise”

“Your personality translates well over pixels and is one I can relate to as a friend IRL.”

“I like your style, it’s got just enough MCM, a dash of antique, and it’s layered in with good content that is a lot longer than some bloggers. I hate the term “snackable” content, it’s actually insulting. You write as if you’re catching me up on your corner of the world and I feel connected to your interests.”

“I all ways look for blogs that emphasize quality over quantity whatever the topic may be. I want to learn new things and improve my own ability to identify and create good design. Blogs that post lots of quality photos and also well thought text are all ways the ones I read first. A sense of humor is all ways good too.”

“I like seeing a fellow Austin blogger in my sameish age group with similar interests as my own. I also love your design style. I take inspiration from your style and incorporate it into my own. I’m also fascinated by how you make it work- I’ve been blogging for well over a year and haven’t been able to come close to making the leap to full time. Would love to know more about how you made that decision and how you make it work.”

**We need to go to coffee.  I don’t “make it all work” and am still taking the leap, I promise.  Still do a lot of outside, unrelated work to make money. 🙂

“Great content, nice design, nice projects. Your “voice” feels like we would be friends IRL.”

“It definitely helps that I’ve met you in person 🙂 But even if I hadn’t, your writing style is similar to how you would speak to someone in a conversation. Your posts are easy to read and pretty to look at. I love all the decor inspiration.”

“I can relate to you as a young designer and business owner (although my business is still a fledgling side hustle) and I think our aesthetics are very aligned, although you are a bit more boho than me.”

“Fresh ideas sometimes I think you talk too much about the struggle and not enough about the work.”

**I can see that.

“I like bloggers who are real people with a unique or interesting style, and I get bored quickly with people who seem to be able to buy whatever they want and/or are super on-trend constantly. I specifically like your sense of color and your use of texture. Your rooms tend to be visually interesting, on-trend but not boring, and a little challenging in your color combinations, which I appreciate.”

“I just *REALLY* like your design point of view! When I’m on your blog, I know EXACTLY which one I’m reading. It’s distinguished and doesn’t just follow whats on trend.”

“Don’t go down the road of forced or obvious sponsored posts. I know you have to make money, and you should – just keep it true to your blog.”

“i’d love to know more about your choices when you do room reveals. the guest room at your parents house was amazing but i’d love to know WHY each piece worked and how you decided that.”

**This was a common theme — wanting to know MORE and WHY.  This is very good to know and probably the most useful thing I learned from this surveys.  In the past I’ve been hesitant to share TOO many details in fear of killing/oversharing a project.  It totally makes sense that you want to know the thought process that I haven’t been sharing.

“I don’t dislike the fashion posts, and I’m sure they are helpful with affiliate links but they aren’t the reason I come back to your blog.”

**Consider the fashion posts dead!!!! Almost every single person said they were their least favorite kind of post!!!! Ya live and ya learn.

“I love your writing style. It is both professional and engaging without being condescending or insincere. I also appreciate your good spelling and grammar, as it allows me to focus on content rather than typos!”

“You are doing great, but would like to see more of your projects and less highlights of other sites”

Those were the big takeaways from the surveys.  As a blog reader (myself included because I read several blogs daily) you pick and choose what you want to read and see.  You weed out what you don’t like or what looses your interest.  Over the past year I’ve been thinking about this from the other perspective – shaping your readers as a blog writer.  Everyone says you can’t appeal to everyone, and I’ve accepted this and am trying to write a blog that appeals to my girl – the girl that puts home decor in her top interests.  The girl that thinks about decorating her home A LOT and wants to learn as much as she can about it.  The girl that knows exactly what she likes when she sees it (and what she hates) but could use some guidance getting there.  Anyway – thank you for your survey answers.  I love how opinionated they were.  It tells me you know what you like.

***A winner was chosen at random for a copy of Emily Henderson’s STYLED and $50 Visa gift card, and that person is Gloria!!! An email was sent to you!***

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