Reader Survey and Giveaway!


Reader Survey and Giveaway

This month marks one year of blogging here at Claire Brody Designs.  How has it only been a year???? It feels like a lifetime.  Only halfway kidding on that.  I’ve really been blogging for two years though – I started with a really classy blog name, Honey Haven.  I can’t even go into detail on that.  The site was still up until recently, but it now redirects here.  I blogged there for about 8 months and then switched to in an attempt to look professional.  My SIL is also Claire Brody and is in the entertainment industry, and there is a chance that she will need that domain one day, so I made the switch to after a short two months on  At the time I didn’t even realize how ridiculous it was to change domains THREE times in one year, which is good that I was in the dark, but I’ve been here for a whole year now, so that means I’ll be here forever basically.

Last year on my technical one year blogging anniversary, I wrote this post on “10 things I learned the first year of blogging”.  I also reached out to some of my favorite bloggers (all big-timers) and asked them to give advice to a new blogger.  It ended up being a pretty beefy post (beefy = informative content) and lately it has brought quite a few Pinterest readers to the site. Like I said, it was a good, informative post for anyone interested in starting a blog, but it’s nothing earth-shattering.  I learned most of what I shared from blog conferences and reading other “blogging tips” posts I found on Pinterest.  I do still agree with all of the points I shared though.

I’m working on another post that I’ll share in the next week or so about what I’ve learned from one year as a business owner and it will be more “how do I survive?” and less “how do I get started?”

This all leads to me to BEG you to take this reader survey below.  Please, please, please!!!  Most days I have really no clue who I’m writing to although I do write to one specific person that I know.  I have in my head who my readers are – what you like, what you do with your time, how old you are, what your budgets are, but something tells me I actually know NOTHING!  So please, blow my mind, and tell me who you are!  This survey will be used to better the blog – to better identify who YOU are and what YOU want.  I am all for constructive criticism, but please be kind!  I will take every comment to heart, truly.  One person will be chosen at random to receive my favorite design book, STYLED by Emily Henderson, and a $50 Visa gift card.  Thanks in advance, and THANK YOU X A MILLION for reading this blog.  It means the world to me.

Reader Survey:

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