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The Power of Paint… ORC Week 4


farrow and ball pointing

I’m a new woman thanks to Farrow and Ball Pointing, and that’s no exaggeration.  While the ORC space isn’t even MY space, I feel like it was me that got the facelift rather than my parents’ living room.  I am feelin good after last week.

Last week I was whiney, needy, just plain ANNOYING.  I couldn’t see past that tan paint and all of the sudden this project that I’ve poured so.much.time into went down the drain in my head.  Side note: if you ever decide to design a room that is 4 hours away from your own home, and you think you will be able to manage the project from your home 4 hours away, think again.  I’ve basically moved in with my parents, Parker has been living alone for the past week and a half, and the local Starbucks here in Lufkin knows me by name now.

I’m here today to say the power of paint is real.  REAL.  I mean everyone says that, but I saw it with my own eyes.  Earlier this week I shared about painting our dining room green on a total whim, but the decision to paint this living room white was very planned and intentional.  (You can’t exactly use other people and their budget for experimenting…….)  I’m not trying to say painting a room white is some monumental thing because it’s not, I know.  It’s lovely yet it is safe, but sometimes a bit of safe is what the space and homeowner needs.  Plus I’d have a friendly argument with anyone that F&B Pointing is one of the best whites out there.

My mom was originally a little uneasy about going full on white with this space.  She had tan before and white can be a very scary thought.  But in the right space, it’s just so good.

farrow and ball pointing

Is there even a comparison???

Painful Progress

farrow and ball pointing

I think I forgot to mention that there is a sofa going there……. It was a modern vintage gem I found from my spot in Austin.  It’s being upholstered in Tonic Living’s Oatmeal Slub Linen as I type.  Hopefully being delivered tomorrow.

Really loving the Mohawk rug from Kohl’s with the wall color.  That rug might honestly be cozier than my bed.

farrow and ball pointing

Can you even handle what those windows will be with gorgeous linen drapes???  I got the email this week that they shipped from Tonic Living, and I can’t wait to see them hung.  I went with their Tuscany linen in “Oyster” and will use their matte black hardware.

I’ve also got to figure out how to style that beast of a coffee table.  How many different vignettes?? Help!

I finalized the art yesterday.  It was something I had been putting off because I needed to see other elements come together first.  I think art is a great way to tie a space together, thus why I waited so long to choose the pieces.

Art Story:


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*Thanks to Kohls for providing the lovely rug!

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34 comments on “The Power of Paint… ORC Week 4”

  1. Wow – what a difference that paint makes! Did you extend your paint and change of the drapes into the other half of the room? Your mother is so lucky to have you for a daughter. I keep hoping one of my children will end up being an interior designer!

    1. My mom doesn’t know this (she will probably read it here) BUT the dining room is next on my list…. after the gameroom….. HA having a mom as a “client” is a new designer’s DREAM!!! (We did extend the paint into the rather large entry/hall – I’ll try to get a shot next week!)

  2. Gorgeous! This really is the perfect space for white paint. So bright! Loving the mix, and now I really can’t wait to see that sofa! Already looking fab!

  3. Such a difference! It looks so good! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! I am still so blown away by the change the paint made! Great job!

  4. WOW, just WOW!!! I clicked your site and then clicked away because I thought I had the wrong room. I did it twice before I realized that this was the same room!! This is simply amazing. It looks so great. I feel like your ORC is the biggest one this time. It is by far the most drastic change!

  5. I totally agree with you…..paint is a game changer for sure! Of course white is the best! I can see where this room is going and it’s gonna be awesome!

  6. Hey Claire,

    Paint is such an easy, inexpensive fix to an otherwise ugly room. Interestingly enough when someone sees an ugly wall color they quickly dismiss the room as being ugly and move on. What folks often miss is that it’s easily fixed.

    I use to love the darker wall colors but I’m warming up to the lighter colors again, I love how the lighter paint helps the darker woods to pop.


  7. Love the white in this space! I’m totally a convert to white! I started painting my almost every room in my house Simply White in November and it’s never looked better. Just two more rooms to go!

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