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Painful Progress… ORC Week 3


Painful Progress

table lampdog pair

*Thanks to Kohl’s for proving the rug for this post.

No designer/decorator/blogger/ANYONE wants to share the painful progress of any project.  Everyone wants to believe that a project goes from ugly to pretty at the snap of a finger.  It’s just not the case with any project, big or little.

So today I’m sharing the photos that are painful for me to share.  We are right in the middle of this thing, and it’s by far the hardest week.  I’m starting to question my vision and seeing the room at a stand still while we wait on paint and other updates is only contributing to that doubt.

The paint arrived, but we are waiting on the painter to start the job.  It’s a big job, and because we are so short on time, I’m 90% sure the picture frame moulding will not happen, which is a total bummer.  It might happen in the future but probably not in time for the ORC reveal.  However, I explained the situation the best I could to the painter (which sounds very ridiculous by the way) to emphasize that the paint job HAS to be finished by the end of next week…. We shall see how that goes…

Painful Progress

The furniture and accessories have mostly all arrived.  The Lazarro savoye leather chairs are incredible – quality and design wise.  It was my first time ordering from them and I was very satisfied to say the least.  The floor lamp from AllModern is also great.  Not sure if that’s where it will live, but I love the sassy lines.

Painfull Progress

art | mirror

The mirror from Bellacor arrived.  I originally visioned it leaning against the wall, propped against the mantel.  But then when I saw how much mirror it was in person and how I would cry for 3 weeks straight if it broke, so I decided against it out of pure fear.  Depending on how it all looks with the sconces hung and art layered, I might lower the mirror.

Painful Progress

I’m DYING to see the sconces hung.

Painful Progress

I love the vintage-looking mirror paired with the ultra chic sconces.  That’s really the whole idea behind the room – the juxtaposition of a classic, antique feel with modern and ultra chic touches.

Painful Progress

I went with this black and white honed marble from Lowes.  I really love it against the classic wood mantel and am also going for that classic/chic contrast there.

Painful Progress

pendant | accent table 

That huge pendant is waiting to be hung.  I’d really like to use an oversized ceiling medallion, but haven’t decided yet.  Also, the combination of the chair upholstery color and the wall color kind of makes my eyes hurt.

Painful Progress


I’m really loving this Mohawk rug from Kohls.  Really I want to try it in my home, but it’s definitely a contender in this space.  It is INCREDIBLY soft.  Like you can’t walk barefoot on it and not rub your feet.  Definitely rug angel worthy.

Mohawk Kohls Rug

The design on the rug is great and the color is a perfect gray and cream combo.  I’m looking forward to seeing the rug in the room with white walls and window treatments.

Painful Progress

Oh and there’s that burl wood coffee table I can’t shut up about….. I told you it’s good.

Painful Progress

Those LEGS.

I was hesitant to show this photo because the only thought I have is “there’s no way this is going to turn into the space I have in my head” BUT I’m trusting the process and sharing anyways.  Here she is in all her glory.

Painful Progress

What do ya think?

See you next week with hopefully some GOOD progress.

A big thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting this shindig!  It has been a blast thus far.  If you’ve missed the past weeks –

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*Thanks to Kohls for providing the rug for this post.

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38 comments on “Painful Progress… ORC Week 3”

  1. Claire, I feel your pain…this is for sure the toughest week. Feels like nothing is happening but every thing needs to happen. I’m sure you will end up with a fantastic space and I can’t wait to see the final results. Painting is on my agenda for day, wish me luck. ~Sonya

  2. YOU! Are the bomb. I love that you share the real, raw progress pics. Thanks for that. It’s really encouraging!!! Girl, I love that the soft rug is from Kohl’s. AWESOME steal. And that coffee table…holy. moly. chic. I’m all about mixing modern and traditional elements, so I am in love with what you’re on your way to achieving here!!!! xx

    1. Ha, I had to close my eyes to scroll through the post to see the comments!!!

      But yeah, I really can’t get over the Kohls rug. It’s so good. I just need the rest of the room to come together to really see how it works! Thanks for the kind words! xo

  3. Claire, Thank you for being so real and honest – your design is fabulous and the makeover will be EPIC! I love the balance you are creating and I know it will be such inspiration to many at the end of the challenge. You got this!! 🙂

  4. This looks like GOOD progress to me! I can see your vision. It will be a new room as soon as the paint is up. Loving the marble you chose for the fireplace–tres chic! Can’t wait to see it up!

  5. Trust your instincts! It’s so easy to see how awesome this will be in the end! It’s the wall not having paint on it yet that’s throwing you! Ignore that and you have THE most amazing pieces- just waiting to shine! Love the juxtapositions! So good, Claire! Can’t wait to see it next week! Paint will make all the difference!

  6. I think it is looking good. It’s all there….it just needs to be executed. I had that same “it needs to be done by yesterday” conversation with my tile guy. He looked at me like I was crazy. Good luck!

  7. Just keep pressing forward! This is the scary part, but trust your instinct and know that when its all together, you’ll be able to tweak it until it’s just perfect! I love the parisian vibe and I can’t wait to see it complete!

  8. I feel your pain & I am at this exact spot with my kitchen!! Right now I hate all of it (and I’m questioning my choices). Nothing is completely done…the middle is tough!!! Hang in there☺

  9. You’re half-way through the challenge and the room is, not unexpectedly, looking half-way there! I think your vision sounds lovely. That marble is gorgeous as are the sconces. Once the walls get painted, it will feel closer to what you hoped for. Hang in there!

  10. This is my first go of linking up with the ORC and man, this week is crazy! I’ve never felt so excited/nervous/anticipatory/nauseous in my entire life! I really love all the elements that you’ve chosen and can’t wait to see it all come together in your vision. I know it will!

  11. Aw, I totally feel for you but you’re doing great! Keep your head up and trust your gut – you have an incredible aesthetic and I know it will come together beautifully.

  12. I can’t even imagine trying to pull this off in 6 weeks! I’m sure you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. And I really love the rug and can’t believe you bought it t Kohl’s! Who knew?

  13. Claire..,You are one talented stylist…. Your inspiration is so well planned out and I can totally see your vision for this beautiful room! Love all the different elements you have in place!! Cannot wait for week 4!! Good luck!!


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