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Update – Client Classic, Natural & Refined


Dining Inspiration

Inspiration image via Lauren Nelson Design

Dropping in today to share progress on a client project.  I’ve been working with a family who is building their dream home, and they hired me to decorate 10 of the rooms – (living, dining, kitchen, craft, master, patio & 4 kid rooms).  In order to realistically tackle the project, we worked room by room starting with the living that I introduced last year.

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Non Farmhouse Shiplap Paneling


non farmhouse shiplap paneling

Joana Gaines has done an incredible thing.  Not only has she made shiplap paneling relevant, but she also made a lot of people cringe at the thought of it simply because it  forcefully became THE THING TO DO in a short period of time.  Because of that, a lot of people used it in their home and as a result of that, many people roll their eyes at the thought of shiplap.  This is not because farmhouse decor is anything less than beautiful.  It’s simply because farmhouse decor took the decorating world by storm and people are tired of seeing it.  People who don’t identify with farmhouse decor are ready to see something new.

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