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Our Simple Christmas Tree (& the story behind it)


traditional christmas tree

Okay……. the truth is that I was really struggling to get into the holiday spirit this year.  It was totally selfish too.  We are anticipating an exciting move, which I’ve half way mentioned a few times on the blog.  We are under contract on a house (our first), so I’m literally dreaming about this house and what we’re going to do to it.  Totally natural, I think, but I needed a reality check.  I honestly wasn’t even planning on putting up a Christmas tree this year.  Cue At Home.  They  reached out to me recently and asked if I would like to participate in their #MyReason campaign, where I share why I decorate for the holidays.

That got me thinking….. and no, I didn’t put up a tree just because At Home asked me to join their campaign. WHY do I decorate for Christmas??

traditional christmas tree

pre-lit Christmas tree |  berries and pine garland |  plaid ribbon

I’ve always loved the holidays.  I mean LOVE.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, hands down.  I love seeing family that I don’t see often.  I love shopping for others and seeing them open their gifts.  I love the warm and cozy feelings the holidays evoke.  I love driving around in the car to look at Christmas lights.  I love everything about the holidays.  My mom always made it such a special time for my family, and I want to do that for Parker and I now even in the midst of a move that I wanted to happen yesterday.

traditional christmas tree

We won’t be spending the majority of the holidays at our house (lots of traveling to see family, which we love), but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t make our current home special for the next month.

So At Home’s invitation not only came at a perfect time, but it was just so needed.  Just because we are planning for a move, and I’m selling ALL of our furniture/slowly buying new pieces with said money (meaning our living room has two sofas, two rugs, etc etc) doesn’t mean I can’t find a small spot to create a bit of holiday cheer.

traditional christmas tree

I went to At Home and had no idea what direction I wanted to go with our Christmas tree.  I circled the holiday section a few times (SO MANY OPTIONS, you must check it out if you have one in your city) and finally decided to go simple…… Not usually my motto, but it’s what I was craving this year.  I strayed from anything glittery and even went a bit traditional with the plaid ribbon.  My mother in law has really classic, traditional style that’s just so comforting, so I think that’s why I was so drawn to the plaid ribbon.  I went with a pre-lit Christmas tree, berries and pine garland that I layered in and then cut the plaid ribbon into 6″ pieces and stuck them into the tree.

traditional christmas tree

The decorating process was actually very therapeutic and really made me prioritize what’s important over the next couple of months.  We have loved living here over the past two years, and putting up a small Christmas tree in the middle of our crazy living room is a great reminder to slow down and take in this special time….

So, why do you decorate for the holidays?  I would love to know…….

*This post is sponsored by At Home.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support me; it is greatly appreciated.


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