Our Sad Patio


our sad patio

This month marked one year of being in our house, and while I recently finished the inside of the home just in time for our Design*Sponge feature, the outside is rough. You see, living in a cute little rental messes with your head.  You want to make it your own, yet you want to avoid pouring a bunch of money into it that you wouldn’t get back like you would if you were to own and sell the house.  So where do you draw the line?

Before this house, we were in an apartment, and we really didn’t feel it was “ours” at all.  That was before I decided I was obsessed with interior design and probably thought the basic yet offensive beige walls were just fine.  But now that we’re in this house, it’s a whole different ball game.  A combination of me doing what I do now and being in a house vs apartment (which tricks you into thinking it’s kind of your own when it’s actually not at all) results in us pouring a lot of time and effort into making this home our own.  With the apartment we didn’t do things like change light fixtures and paint every room twice and and create a rental friendly fireplace, but we really love this house, so it’s been different.

But going back to “how much time and money do you put into a rental?” which seems to be a burning question for all renters: My opinion is that if you can take it with you when you leave, it’s worth it with the exception of paint.  We obviously can’t take our painted walls with us, but we will take all of the lighting we installed and obviously all of the furniture and decor purchased for the home, SO I’ve decided that if you can take it with you and the change makes a big statement, it’s all worth it.

I think the same goes for exterior of the home.  The curb appeal of this home (if curb appeal is what you call it) isn’t exactly our style but we’re certainly not going to put money and effort into changing it since we can’t take that curb appeal with us.  For that reason I’ve really struggled with what to do with the outdoor situation to at least make it look presentable.

The exterior of our house is very….overgrown….but not overgrown in a weeds way because Parker picks all of those.  We have lots of wildflowers and natural growing things for a lack of better words.  It is what it is, but I am definitely drawn to a manicured looking exterior.  I really didn’t know that there was such a thing as an intentional overgrown look, but it exists a lot in our neighborhood.  Really a lot in Austin.

Exteriors like this is what gets me going….I could peruse the “charming curb appeal” search on Pinterest all day long.

curb appeal


curb appeal


curb appeal


curb appeal


The common theme there is obvious.  I crave simple charm.  Call it picture perfect if that’s what you see, but I just want some effortless looking charm that actually wasn’t effortless at all.

We have a quaint little patio area that has been nice for the two parties we’ve had.  TWO.  TWO gatherings in one whole year.  We don’t utilize it like we should.  We like the rest of America suffer from “we love the idea of entertaining, but we don’t feel like our space is good enough”.

It’s taken me a year to get to this realization, but I’m DONE with that excuse. We have patio space, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be using it to entertain AND for ourselves.  So I’m taking my own advice and giving our patio a makeover by adding great outdoor items that we will take when we leave this house.  We’re not going to get caught up on the yard or lack of landscaping outside.  We are going to take our little patio and add some good looking furniture and accessories like we’ve done to the inside.  Here’s our sad patio:

patio before

patio before

patio before

I’ve been browsing At Home in my downtime as well as HGTV’s Spring House to get some inspiration.  I’m giving myself a deadline of mid May to finish our patio or else it will drag on forever.  These are the pieces that I love the most from At Home, but I obviously can’t have all of them.  HELP.

  At Home Favorites Outdoor Chairs:

1:  Stacking Beach Chair Spa Blue

2:  Wicker Chair Lime Green

3:  Steel Slat Chair Green

4:  Mesh Wrought Iron Stack able Chair- Mint Green

5:  Diamond Stamped Stackable Chair Coral 

6:  Round Stacking Chair Spa Blue

7:  Wicker String Chair Black and White

8:  Slat Folding Chair

9:  Aluminum/Wicker Cafe Chair Black/White

Outdoor Accent Tables:

10:  Window Pane End Table White

11:  Lattice Bubble Table Coral

12:  Ottoman Spa Blue

13:  Industrial End Table Mint Green

14:  Aluminum/Wicker Cafe Table Black/White

15:  Square Wood Slat End Table Lime

Outdoor Dining Tables:

16:  Eucalypt Dining Table

17:  Black Wrought Iron Patio Outdoor Table

18: Solona Dining Table

19: Black Wrought Iron Patio Outdoor Table



*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of At Home. The opinions and text are all mine.

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