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Our Latest Project



I’ve been hinting like CRAZY at this one. It’s major, and it’s going to be good. If you follow on snapchat (@claire_brody), you’ve seen this project start to come to life, but this is really my first time to introduce it here on the blog.

My parents’ (dun dun dun, are you surprised?) have a room over the garage (kind of separate from the house – separate stairs to get up there) that is in need of major help. And I say that lightly.


Before I even starting thinking about designing the space, I knew that contract work would have to be hired out. I don’t know the contract workers all that well in my parents’ home town, so I turned to Thumbtack, where you can hire a professional for literally anything. More on this below, but it saved me with this project because unlike the living room, I wasn’t home to oversee the work being done. I was able to find a professional online and fully trust him with the job, and that was a lifesaver in itself.

Back to these atrocious photos…..



A few things to note here.

  1. They moved into the house 12ish years ago and had really good intention for this space. It might have even looked nice at one time. I was 14, so I can’t really speak on it.
  2. My dad is HUGE sports person. I mean huge. And I have a brother who has followed in his footsteps. The obvious intention for this space was to create a sports themed game room/TV room. ***PLEASE NOTE THE TV ON THE RIGHT*** Life before flat screens…
  3. This room has very little natural light. After we finished the living room, my mom said, “okay, this summer’s project is the game room”. I am embarrassed to say that I told her I didn’t think it could be done for selfish reasons. I didn’t think the space could be photographed, and for that reason, I wasn’t convinced I had the time to invest in it. I know….. I just showed you where my head really is and how terrible of a daughter I am. To shoot those before photos, I put my camera on a tripod and slowed the shutter speed down (I’m talking 30 seconds to snap ONE photo). That tells you how dark it is in there. There are two small dormer windows, and that’s it. But honestly, it was the black ceiling and tan walls talking. This room is photographable, just not with black and tan walls.

So that’s where we were. I decided the room was fixable (meaning it could be saved AND photographed to prove it), so I agreed to take it on.

Obviously the first issue is painting. I wasn’t totally against painting myself, but wasn’t sure I had the time to do it either. There was also some major drywall issues and those strips on the ceiling. I didn’t want to further mess anything up, so that confirmed that we needed to hire out for the job.

That’s when I turned to Thumbtack. I had heard of Thumbtack before. I actually looked into it one time to offer my own services. Basically, Thumbtack is the destination you can go to for anything you need (learn a new language, get in shape, remodel your home…). Because I’m not familiar with the contract workers in my parents’ town, I wasn’t sure how to go about finding options. I answered a few questions about the job like size of the room, urgency of the project and immediately had 3 contractors call/text to give me a bid. They all wanted to come out and see the space before they gave a bid, so they did, and then I chose the best fit for the project.

Jim did a great job, and we are very happy with how it turned out. He did a lot of patching and primed the space I don’t know how many times to get it ready to be painted Sherwin Williams Snowbound.





The paint job is honestly perfect. Jim took this space from I don’t know what to a blank slate, and that makes me happy.

Much more to come on this project. Parker and I ripped out the carpet and installed DIY wide plank floors….next up: paint those babies high gloss white.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Thumbtack. The opinions and text are all mine.

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