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Our Guest Room… It’s Time


guest room plans

I’ve blogged about the “plans” for our guest room a few too many times.  The above photo is a shot I got a while back, and while that photo may look presentable, just know that I can make a room look okay by pushing the clutter behind the camera.  The truth is I can’t find the push I need to finish it.  The One Room Challenge starts today and I decided last night at 9:30 pm that I would participate.  The One Room Challenge is a blogger challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home, where she challenges bloggers (anyone who wants to participate) to complete a room makeover in 6 weeks.  The event happens bi-yearly and I participated for the first time last fall with our master bedroom.

guest room orc

Master Bedroom

I said 6 weeks but today is week 1, so it’s actually 5 weeks that we have to complete the space.  My plans have been all over the place for this room, I think because it’s the last room I have in the house and I weirdly like having an unfinished project.  I finished and revealed our dining room a few weeks ago.

dining room reveal

Dining Room

And our living room has been seen several times with home tours here and there.

fall home tour 2015

So after our master, dining and living, the only space left is the guest bedroom.  What will I blog about after this?????

Something tells me I’ll find something to talk about…..

So no real plans set in place for the guest room.  I consider plans concrete after purchases have been made, and no purchases have been made yet.  I will be back every Thursday for the next 5 weeks with progress and updates.  I have not a clue how the space will turn out, but I am not worried because while this is a challenge, there is no challenge police that will scold me if I don’t get it done. 😉  Stay tuned…



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13 comments on “Our Guest Room… It’s Time”

  1. Ooh yes. While none of the rooms in our house our really finished, the guest room is the one that we’ve barely even started. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

  2. Just the push I needed Claire. I’ve done absolutely nothing with our guest bedroom and it’s been on my mind for several months. I’m going to link up to ORC for some accountability to get it done!

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