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We’ve Got a Plan… ORC Week 2


one room challenge inspiration

I honestly jumped head first into this project, so backing up and explaining the thought process behind each decision will probably be good for the well-being of this project.  Sometimes I make decisions based on what seems the most obvious to me, but identifying why I made each decision will hopefully confirm to me that I made the right decision for the space, and if not, well, I can’t think about that right now.

When my mom said “I want bright and modern”, she sent this photo.

ORC inspiration


From there she let me do my thing and create a design plan.  She really didn’t have too many requests – the space is super low maintence.  It’s rarely used, yet one of the most seen rooms in the house, so it needs to look good.

I did draw some elements from this inspiration image to recreate, but it’s important to note that this space has architectural elements that cannot/should not be recreated in a traditional home like my parents’.  This space has a strong French vibe, and while it’s STUNNING, elements like the flooring and fireplace wold look totally out of place if recreated in my parents’ home based on the rest of the house.

SO.  The first thing I do with any project is gather inspiration.  I like to collect images that have specific elements I/we like for the space as well as overall styles/vibes that we like.  I took the above image and found similar spaces that I loved.


one room challenge inspiration

one room challenge inspiration

one room challenge inspiration

one room challenge inspiration

I think it’s so important when you are designing for someone else (even your mom) to present some kind of inspiration board before actual product/selections are sourced.  This ensures everyone is on the same page, vision/style wise.  The client knows what to expect and isn’t completely shocked when you present the design plan.

My mom was on board with the inspiration, so then came the floor plan.

Floor Plan:

one room challenge floor plan

The furniture is currently pushed against the walls.

one room challenge before

I felt the room swallowed the furniture and left it feeling a bit empty.  Large rooms are wonderful but can be so tricky.  The key is to pull the furniture IN around an appropriate sized area rug.  The sofa will be where the red wingbacks are (facing the fireplace) and then two pairs of accent chairs will go at each end of the sofa.  The space currently has an 8×10 rug, so we will upgrade to a 10×14.  The goal with the new floor plan is to create an intimate seating area rather than a big room with seating here and there.  I want the furniture to own the room verses the room owning the furniture.

And now, the fun part.

ORC Design Board

One: Pendant 

This pendant is HUGE.  It’s 40″ wide which doesn’t sound extremely large, but it’s as big as our bed…. I do love oversized lighting though. This will replace the ceiling fan in the space.

Two: Paint Color

This is going to be the most drastic change in the space.  My mom was a bit hesitant about doing white walls, but I assured her that the space could pull it off to say the least.  She suggested a grey which is much more comfortable, but grey is not for this space.  Grey is a transitional color, and we’re not going for transitional here.  F&B is such a fabulous warm white.  It’s going to feel bright but not WHITE thanks to the abundance of natural light.  I met with Joe, my mom’s painter, last weekend and he is also going to install the picture frame moulding.

Three: Art

I’m keeping all of the art black and white yet still very interesting.  I’m going to do one piece (the largest size Minted has) between the two windows behind the current sofa.  The other art pieces will be smaller and layered on the fireplace.  What piece should be the huge statement piece??

Four: Floor Lamp

I’m obsessed with this floor lamp.  So chic.

Five: Area Rug

Okay, this is the only decision that hasn’t been made.  HELP. I can’t decide on an area rug.  I like the striped one on the board but originally ordered this one from Pottery Barn, but it’s on backorder until late May, which obviously will not work.

Six: Coffee Table

Okay, this burl wood table pictured on the board is actually from Anthro, but the vintage one I found is BETTER.  I just don’t have a photo of it.  One of my favorite vintage curators, The Brass Peacock, had it in her storage unit, and I happened to be picking up #15 (accent table) from her and saw the coffee table.  I told her I wanted it right then and it never made it to her Chairish or Etsy shop.

Seven: Sconces

This style of sconce is THE sconce right now.  It goes so well with the floor lamp – love them together.  This sconce is sold out at the moment, but there are several similar options on the site.

Eight: Accent Chairs

We went with two of these leather accent chairs, and they are currently sitting in my living room right now. SO GOOD.  I want them so bad.  Such great quality and the modern lines are just what the space needed.

Nine: Accent Chairs

This pair of golden velvet accent chairs came from my vintage spot in Austin I always talk about – Room Service Vintage.  I got lucky with these because I saw their instagram post right after they posted.  (They post all of their good stuff on insta and you have to see it immediately to be the first caller to place a hold.  It’s stressful.)  Speaking of……. yesterday they posted this and this………. I saw them 40 mins after they posted and knew they were gone.  Real anxiety from missing out on those.  I guess they would have gone in the kitchen since we don’t have our storage unit anymore.  Those are just pieces you can’t pass up though…..

Ten: Art

This is one of top runners for the huge statement piece… thoughts?  Also I need custom framing!!!

Eleven: End Table

I think this will go between the golden velvet accent chairs.  Great, classic end table.

Twelve: Sofa Fabric

This fabric will make ya melt in person.  It’s sooo good.  I highly suggest purchasing a sample even if you have no need for it.  There will come a time when you will.  You just can’t go wrong with Tonic Living’s Oatmeal Slub.

Thirteen: Mirror

This will go over the fireplace and the two scones will flank it.  I’m also planning to layer some art….

Fourteen: Art

More great art.  This one is probably in second place for the oversized piece.

Fifteen: Accent Table

I love how classic this accent table feels.  I had been watching this piece on The Brass Peacock’s Chairish page and noticed one morning that another buyer asked a question on the site and expressed interest.  I called Jill immediately and told her I wanted to pick up the accent table.

Sixteen: Art

This piece says classy yet chic to me.

Seventeen: Table Lamp

A cute lil’ marble table lamp to go between one set of accent chairs.

Eighteen: Art

A great piece for layering art.

Nineteen: Drapery Fabric

Oh man.  This is a huge project.  I’ve been working with Tonic Living to make sure we get the perfect drapes for this space.  Those windows are a doozy.  TL has always been my go-to for fabric, and they are quickly becoming my go-to for custom window treatments.  I’m so anxious to see these babies hanging.

Twenty: Art

I was browsing Art Star’s site and immediately drawn to this piece.  I think it fits the space perfectly.

Twenty One: Tile

So stressed about this selection at the moment.  We are re-tiling the fireplace and this is the current winner.  We are keeping the natural wood mantel because it’s lovely and shouldn’t be painted (imo). I love a good black + wood contrast.  But still really nervous about this one.

Twenty Two: Hide Rug

I thought this would add some great texture layered over whatever area rug we go with.  Hides are always a good option….

Twenty Three: Accessories

Oh Furbish…they know how to accessorize.  I ordered these accessories for the ORC space and used them in my own house for the D*S feature.  Honestly I want to keep ALL of this stuff!!!!


That’s all for now.  Painting/moulding starts very soon.  Hopefully TODAY!  I’ll be sharing some updates on snapchat (claire_brody).

I’m loving what the other participants have up their sleeves…

orc participants

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  1. I’m shaking my head in disbelief at the amazingness!!! EEEEK! I love the modern chic look + textures + feel. Been loving your snap updates!!! xx

  2. LOVE IT ALL! Number 3 would be a beautiful statement art piece, and I also love sixteen! Bummer that the Pottery Barn Rug is on back order 🙁 I’m sure you’ll find a fabulous replacement. I’m so glad you walked us through your process as well, it’s helpful and inspiring to see how others visualize and plan a space, thanks for sharing!!

  3. This is above and beyond! The vintage mustard chairs are a current favorite They feel unexpected and yet so right! Really fresh, Claire! You’re going to knock it outta the park!

  4. I am so excited to see how this all comes together! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! I love the leather accent chairs and have wondered if they are as comfortable as they are beautiful? Your mom is a lucky lady!

  5. I have died and gone to design heaven. Seriously, this plan is spectacular! And please tell me the vintage table is Milo Baughman? If so I will be living vicariously through your client’s finished space…well, let’s be honest, I’ll be doing that regardless! I love the lighting choices and the perfect mix of vintage and modern. You’re a genius! Can’t wait to see it all unfold. xx

  6. Oh my goodness, in love the with mood board, it reminds me of these collages I did way back when.. This is such a great undertaking and I am very moved by your project! I am participating in the Guest Challenge on Thursday and am truly inspired by the featured designers. Best of Luck Maria

  7. Ok we’re totally on the same wavelength with this room – I was so close to using that Savoye chair in my room! I absolutely love the sleek black and white with vintage mixed in (and I’m so jealous you scored that gorgeous coffee table)!

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