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We’re on a Roll… ORC Week 5


One Room Challenge Week 5

We are on a roll over here.  I mean, I have been living here for 3 weeks now, so it’s about time this space starts to come together.  I wasn’t planning on this turning into a 3 week thing, BUT there was always something being delivered the next day or being installed the next day so I just kept staying in order to avoid the 4 hour back and forth drive each weekend.  It actually ended up working out well, and it was nice to spend time with my family.

On Monday the new rug was delivered as well as the drapery hardware, and yesterday the drapes were installed.  Oh yeah, we found a rug winner!!!!!  It’s so good.  If you follow me on snapchat (claire_brody), this is actually old news.  Really, this whole room is old news if you follow me on snapchat because I’ve already shown the completed room.  Couldn’t help it.  The photos delete after 24 hours on snapchat, so I can pretend I didn’t share the completed room since the official reveal is next week.  Plus, snapchat shots are dark and unedited, so I couldn’t bare to keep those photos alive for more than 24 hours.

Back to the rug……. I’ve never loved a rug so much.  I truly love the Mohawk rug from Kohls, but it just wasn’t right for that space, and I knew it all along.  I was bummed to move it out of that space because the rug is sooo soft, but I think we are going to move it to the family room or the game room.

I knew the space needed something with a bit more depth color wise.  I wanted black and pattern and something that would bring everything together.  I ordered a few samples from Dash & Albert to see them in person (should have done this from the very beginning).

One Room Challenge Week 5

Left-Right: Zagora Jute Rug | Cina RugBijou Black/Gold Rug | Zama Rug

Bottom: Taza Rug

One Room Challenge Week 5

It was a no brainer that the Taza rug was the one.

One Room Challenge Week 5

rug | floor lamp | chairs | charcoal throw pillows |  hide throw | oversized art |  custom frame custom drapessofa fabric (sofa – vintage) | end table

I pulled the golden velvet chairs and coffee table out of the shot, so I could show the full rug, but the rug was made to pair with those chairs.  The shades and patterns from this rug are all right for this space.

The room was finished minus the drapes being hung, which happened yesterday.  Those drapes instantly bought an elegant factor that was desperately needed.  I had never done custom drapes, but now I never want anything BUT custom drapes.  Janine from Tonic Living was incredible to work with and so, so knowledgeable.

As each big thing has happened or arrived, I would text my mom at work with photos, and we would squeal text over the progress.  She LOVES it (my dad too), so that makes me happy.

The large scale art arrived this week, and I think it’s a good fit for that spot.  It’s the first thing you see when you turn into the room, and I think it summarizes what your eyes will see next…….that’s how I think about a focal point…………a summarization of what the rest of the room has to offer.  Getting that piece of art could have been extremely stressful but it wasn’t thanks to the great people at Minted and Framebridge.  I ordered the largest print from Minted (they don’t offer framing for the 44″ x 60″ size, so I worked with them to have it shipped directly to Framebridge to be framed).  Framebridge received the print and had to cut it down a bit as the largest frame they offer is 40″ x 60″.  I went with a print that would okay being trimmed down on one side more than the order, so all was good.  Framebridge trimmed and framed the print and then shipped to me.  Super easy process AND I love the final product!

Playing around with the mantel styling has probably been my favorite part of this room.

One Room Challenge Week 5

tile | wall sconce | mirror | abstract art | lady art

The sconces aren’t functional right now – we’ll have to get an electrician to come out later, but for the time being Parker just attached them to the wall.  I can’t remember if the fireplace was finished last week, but it turned out even better than I was hoping.  Little did I know that honed black marble could change the feel of the whole room.

Well, what do you think?

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See you next week for the REVEAL!!!!

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27 comments on “We’re on a Roll… ORC Week 5”

  1. LOVE it and loving it on snap too. How awesome that minted and framebridge worked together so seamlessly! Cannot wait to see the full reveal next week! xx

  2. Everything is gorgeous. Your mom is brave to go with the white walls, and it turned out to be the right choice. I love both of the rugs you chose. Are you going to provide a link to the other piece of art on the mantel? Simply trying to find it on the Minted site is overwhelming! Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks so much, Judith! Going from gold to white white was a HUGE leap but I agree that it was the right choice for the room!

      I just added the link to the lady art (under the mantel photo). I thought I had it in there, sorry!


  3. The transformation is incredible! This room is a showstopper- great choices on the rug, furniture and custom drapery! Excited to see the finished product.

    xo Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha

  4. The rug is perfect in the space! …and the fireplace is incredible. What is it about warm wood tones against black?! I just love it. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  5. This room was one of the hardest for me to visualize week one. You have completely blown it out of the park, though! Wow, the transformation is stunning! I can’t wait to see the full reveal.

  6. Claire! This room has so many of my favorite things by my favorite ladies! Juniper Briggs art and that Framebridge frame! I’ve been DYING to use the burled wood frame in my living room, and this just seals the deal. This is so, so gorgeous! Awesome job!

  7. I really can’t get over what a transformation this room has already gone through, and I have to say, I really love the new rug! I’m also digging that fireplace screen, of course 😉

  8. Oh my god, this is the best thing ever! I love every single bit soooo much! That frame, the rug, the chairs… I am on pins & needles waiting to see the reveal.

  9. Claire, how fun to work on this space…..I love the part about texting your mom at work and both of you squeal texting :). The rug IS perfect and the art…I love what you chose! Can’t wait for the reveal next week.

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