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Olive Green Everything


Olive Green

Little Green Notebook

Give it all to me.  I want everything olive green.  I am definitely drawn to emerald greens and lately I have noticed my love for olive might even exceed emerald.  It’s so classy yet so cozy at the same time.  Classy and cozy don’t usually live in the same sentence, but when they do, it’s a win.

Olive Green

Reath Design

Taking it up to the ceiling gives a dramatic look.

Olive Green

Farrow and Ball

Olive Green

Little Green Notebook

It pairs SO well with marble and brass.  I could stare at Jenny’s bathroom all day.

green inspiration


Olive Greeb

House Beautiful

If you love olive but are afraid of covering your walls in it, start small with a piece of furniture.

Olive Inspiraion

Emily Henderson

olive inspiration

Emily Henderson

But it doesn’t stop there.  I have this olive jacket that I have worn every single day now for the past two weeks.  You might have caught it on Instagram.

Olive Green Everything

Olive Green Everything


Olive Green Favorites:

Olive Inspiration

vase | nail polish | coat | paint color | candle | mirror



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  1. It’s as though you went back in time and read my mind given my comment on your ORC!! I have ALWAYS loved olive green – in fact, I have a velvet chesterfield in my living room and yes it’s olive and I have never regretted it in the 5 years I’ve had it (although for a short time, I kind of thought I’d have preferred it in navy and now I’m back to loving it in olive.) Jenny’s bathroom gets me right in the feels. Every time. xx

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