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New Tab: Shop


new tab: shop

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now and last night I decided it was time.  I have added a new tab to the header ^^ called “shop“.  This is where I will share all of my favorite finds.  When you click on each thumbnail, you will be taken to the retailer that offers each item.  You know I love a good deal, so most of the items in the shop will be what I consider DEALS.  All caps means a major deal.  I plan to update the shop weekly with new items.

The program I used to create the graphic (and link to the items) is called ShopStlye and it is an affiliate program.  If you are a blogger, I’m sure you are familiar and if you are not a blogger you might or might not be familiar.  There are different kinds of affiliate programs – some give the blogger a commission of each sale made and some pay per click.  The program I am using pays per click (I’m talking .10 – .40 per click), so I’m not trying to make it big off of you guys or anything.  Really the reason I’m using an affiliate program is for the fast graphic.  They make it so easy on us bloggers to whip up a board with clickable photos.

I’m excited to keep the shop up and running.  I do A LOT of shopping so I will add to the shop as I come across items that I am either sourcing for a client or just really, really want.

Head over to the shop and let me know what you think!

*You might have noticed some changes happening with the blog design.  Parker and I are working to give the blog a nice makeover, but we weren’t patient enough to sit down and do it all in one day like most bloggers do, so you get a new update each day.*



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  1. I’ve visited you shop tab and clicked away. Glad to help you make a buck 😉 Thank you for sharing all those amazing finds. Can’t imagine all the time you spend searching, creating, linking, etc. and then sharing it all with you readers. Really, thanks for all the inspiration!

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