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Neutral Bathroom Reveal


Neutral Bathroom Reveal

FINALLY I have something completed to share on the house!!!  We had zero intentions of touching this bathroom three months ago and then the next day it was being demoed.  Jeff pointed out that once you start getting new, shiny things that the older, dull things all of the sudden seem more dull in comparison.  But in all honesty, the reason we made over this bathroom is because Wayfair reached out about a bathroom renovation challenge they were hosting.  There are five bloggers participating, and we each were given a budget of $2500 – $3000 to make over a bathroom how we choose.  Wayfair provided all bathroom materials and we were in charge of carrying it out.

This project went from conception to completed in under 60 days.  Because we were working with Wayfair for all bath materials (vanity, tile, lighting, faucets, accessories, etc) everything arrived super fast and that’s really the only reason this bath was able to be completed in such a tight timeframe.

shared a bit about the plan and some before photos here, but no reveal is complete without same-view before/after shots.  One of the most satisfying past-times of mine is looking at before/after shots…..

Before we had a bathroom straight from the 60s with a flooring update that happened maybe in the early 2000s?  We had a soffit over the vanity with bad trim, florescent lighting and a vanity with slightly offensive countertops… Yes, this bath was perfectly functional, but it was dated vanilla at its prime.


While Jeff’s crew was still around, we had them demo the bathroom.  The only thing we kept in that bathroom was the toilet, but we still had to move it out for the new tile job.

And after we have a bold yet natural bathroom that feels so fresh and clean and luxe and all the good things (imho).

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Wallpaper.  I need time to talk about the wallpaper.  I have been dying to use that paper and finally got my chance.  Every time someone sees the bathroom they ask me if I painted it.  Absolutely not.  I do not/ can not “paint” and even if I did, I’d never be brave enough to free hand my wall sans stencil.  But I suppose that was Kelly Wearstler’s intention here.  It feels very abstract but also very pulled together (AKA it looks like someone MIGHT have painted it, but maybe too good to be true).  The paper came from DecoratorsBest (they gifted it for the project) and it is made by Groundworks.  DecoratorsBest also supplied the yummy green Groundworks fabric for the shower curtain that you’ll see below.  Both the Groundworks fabric and wallpaper give the room the luxe feel the space is so desperately after.


Neutral Bathroom Reveal

People say there are hiccups (potentially expensive hiccups) in every reno project.  We haven’t had any with the kitchen, so I just thought we were different/lucky.  Nope.  The wallpaper installation was the “issue”.  I say “issue” because I think it turned out just fine, but we had to spend a little more than anticipated to fix it.  Plus is was a 3 day headache.

I originally planned to wallpaper both rooms but ended up not having enough wallpaper for both.  The wallpaper installer was NOT having it.  No patience for the situation and was so put out with me.  He told me there wasn’t enough to cover both rooms, so I decided to add wainscot to fix the situation.  That cost $ for materials obviously, and after Parker’s experience with tiling (more below), there was no way we were taking on the wainscot installation. SO we had one of Jeff’s guys do it (and it turned out BEAUTIFUL and they were so accommodating with the tight deadline), but that cost money that wasn’t originally anticipated.  Obviously all my fault there.  I was planning to paper above the wainscot in both rooms, but when we installer measured it all out as he was installing, we were like half a foot short!!!!!  Shoot.  We just painted the toilet room black and moved on.  I realize the “issue” doesn’t sound too bad, but it was one of those things you just want to be over so you can enjoy the pretty bathroom and forget about the nightmare-ish wallpaper installation experience.


Oh, one more little unexpected setback was the previous wall tile.  When they went to take it out, it took out the drywall.   Jeff said adhering the tile this way was just a cheaper way to install tile back then.  Unfortunately that meant we had to re-drywall.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

The vanity.  Oh man.  It’s SO GOOD, right???? It was the first thing I sourced from Wayfair.  I believe it was around $1200, which was a big chunk of the $2500 budget, BUT look what you get for $1200.  A lot.  I love the natural wood finish and the marble top is just magnificent.  I’m also just such a fan of free-standing vanities.  They’re so easy.  You spend all this time slaving over demo, tile work and anything else that has to happen and then you just want the vanity in so that you know it was all worth it.  Because it’s free-standing, Parker and I moved it into the bathroom ourselves (later had to have the pipes connected by someone else) but being able to set your vanity down makes for a rewarding day.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Because I was going with a statement wallpaper, I went with simple mirrors that complimented the paper rather than something statement that might contrast it.


Neutral Bathroom Reveal


Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Oh the tile. Ohhhh.  We went with a white hexagon mosaic on the floor and a matte black subway in the shower.  Parker installed it.  We were both in tears by the end.  But truly, I think it’s one of those jobs you just have to try for yourself.  From now on, we will always appreciate and gladly pay an expert to tile.  BUT if we (Parker) wouldn’t had tried for himself, we wouldn’t understand that you actually do have to be a professional (or a professional DIYer) to achieve a professional tile job.

The floor looks great.  There are slight waves that no one else will ever notice except us, but I think he did a great job on the floor.  Yes, it was a lot of work, but we were high-fiving and admiring his pretty work after completion.  The shower was a different story.  It got complicated with the niche I insisted we have.  And honestly, it looks pretty good, it was just VERY stressful.  Definitely a test of marriage………

*Also, I don’t want to discourage anyone from attempting a tile job for the first time if you’re considering it.  Or maybe I am??! I’m just being completely honest about our experience…… Never again.


Neutral Bathroom Reveal

We took out that built-in because I knew the room would feel much larger without it and plus the storage wasn’t needed with the vanity storage.  We have a cute rattan chair there, but are planning to add a propped ladder for easy access to towels.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Love this shot of the floor tile.  It makes me want to bear hug Parker for the blood, sweat and tears that went into that.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

There’s that pretty Groundworks fabric.  I had a custom shower curtain made as I wanted it to have a pinch pleat and feel very luxe and full.  It’s true that once you experience custom window treatments, you never go back.  It just makes such a difference in my opinion.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

The only shot of the tub shower (more to come later after we’ve finished cleaning up the grout), but I had to show that faucet.  How cute?!

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

I wanted the sconces to feel refined and traditional.  Traditional to offset the modern wallpaper and refined because that was the overall goal through the space.

Neutral Bathroom Reveal

Well, thoughts??

Be sure to check out the rest of the bathroom makeovers here!


Vanity – $1290

Sink Faucets – $191/each

Sconces – $158/each

Mirrors – $161/set of 2

Floor Tile – $3.20/sq ft.

Showe Tile – $4.19/sq ft.

Tub Faucet – $170

TP Holder – $44

Wallpaper – $348/roll

Shower Curtain Fabric – $28/yard

Rattan Chair – $445

Photography: Reagen Taylor

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  1. Absolutely stunning! To me it has a sophisticated, global tribal vibe that is so very interesting. The touch of green takes it there! That small carved table from a tree trunk is perfect in that space.
    Enjoy your new bathroom!

  2. I LOVE it Claire! Amazing job!!! The wallpaper is insane and I love the vanity! Probably a good thing the wallpaper didn’t work out in the “wet” section of the bathroom. Moisture and wallpaper can fight each other. Bravo! Can’t wait to see more!! Xxxx


  3. Oh my gosh, I am blown away! The whole project is truly stunning. The custom shower curtain really makes the whole room, I think. Brilliant decision. The pleats really take it up a notch. And that wallpaper?!?! All of the elements work so perfectly together! Sound like you really put blood, sweat and tears into this project but it’s amazing. SO good. Forgive the gushing 🙂 Can you tell I love it?

  4. Ah! I’m obsessed with this! What a beautiful “vacation” in your own home! Does it feel really dark in the shower because of the black tile? Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your house.

  5. I was amazed it was the same bathroom. Although the bathroom as a whole is awesome, I must say the vanity is my favorite! Great job you two…

  6. Stunning transformation, love the tribal vibe here. Those sconces are a dream, and you are so right about the mirrors not competing with that amazing wallpaper. I am equally stunned, in a different way, by the $465 chair right next to the toilet, and hope you will find a better location for it when the ladder comes in. A corn plant or fiddle fig would also work (you know what they say about certain plants that can help clean the air? Great opportunity to try that theory! Appreciate the honest report on the tiling situation, other bloggers barely acknowledge the effort, and I wondered if it can really be so effortless. I don’t think we need to have our hand in on every last thing, and hey, now you know your limits. Lovely result, Claire!

  7. Please don’t call this sensational bathroom neutral! Neutral implies dull, drab and unimaginative and so many modern interiors are just that. I love every detail in your bathroom. May you enjoy it for many years. It will stand the test of design time.

  8. So lovely! You two knocked it out of the park! Tiling can be so stressful, but good for you that you both survived. The end result is so gorgeous and classic. Nice work, as usual. So glad you are enjoying your new home and putting your stamp on it. Blessings!

  9. This bathroom is drop dead gorgeous. For someone so young you have exquisite taste. I love following your work with the hope I am someday able to apply some of the same elements. Would you mind revealing where you found that stunning little vase. Each piece is perfect. Your hard work was well worth the finished product. I am so looking forward to the rest of the house,

  10. Oh wow Claire! What a stunning transformation! LOVE the black. My favorite part is the black wainscoting. It’s sophisticated and soothing at the same time. Awesome job!

  11. Wow! I’m in love with the move toward black or dark rooms. They feel so cozy. I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of matte black tile in the shower and I can’t wait to see the final product! Your husband did a spectacular job with that hexagonal tile! Agreed, my husband and I are never tackling tile installing – we’d rather pay for a professional! Also, I used to sell custom window treatments and it’s true – you get spoiled to something so luxurious! I’ve had friends who don’t have a huge budget for window treatments so I usually encourage them to buy more ready-made panels to make them look fuller.

  12. I love this redo! Such creativity! Everything was a wow and I especially loved the art over the toilet. Did you give a source and I just miss it? If you did or if not, I would like to know. Thanks!

  13. Wow! This space is stunning, every inch has something unique. I adore how you put the faux rattan chair in the corner, it makes the bathroom feel like a spa oasis.

  14. Claire, I lOVE this! You totally nailed it and I can’t wait to see more of your home as you continue to make it beautiful. xx!

  15. This bathroom is beautiful, Claire! So we’ve DIYed tile many times–our entire kitchen, bathrooms floor to ceiling, etc. without too much trouble. And then we decided to do hexagonal tiles on our outside entryway (dark grey tiles w/ white grout). Oh. My. Gosh. Never, ever again. I think it’s the shape! Don’t be too discouraged! Subway tile is so much easier.

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