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Client Progress: Moody Nook


Moody Nook Update

Recently Kate came to me about their high traffic nook off of the kitchen.

A bit of information about the space from Kate –

“The nook area is open to the kitchen which is pretty central to the house.  Also, the house’s side entrance is between the kitchen wall and the start of the nook, so it is a fairly high-traffic area overall.  It ideally will be used as a space to take shoes on/off, hang coats and/or keys, and perhaps hold some other storage.  I can also envision a small table in there, maybe for a kid or two to sit, or just for more table-space.

The house is a smallish Craftsman, built in 1910, and the kitchen is traditional with modern appliances.  That said, my partner and I both enjoy modern, eclectic and unique design and style, and would love to add some of that to the nook.  We both dislike mid-century furniture quite a bit, but most other styles are great.  I love the looks you create (based on what I’ve seen in your blog’s pictures), and whatever you describe your style is most likely something we would also enjoy!

Natural colors seem to mesh well here, but we are open to most colors.  Greys, blues, greens, beige, browns, yellows, deep red…  The only colors we prefer to go light on would be too much pink or purple, or anything particularly “girly.”

Moody Nook Design Before

After pinning together on a joint Pinterest board, I put together this inspiration board that highlights specific elements to achieve in the space.

Moody Nook Design

Kate approved this board and from there we decided to paint the entry Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue.  I also found a killer antique rug from The Vintage Rug Shop that fit the space perfectly.

Kate sent me this progress shot and said they are in love with the wall color and rug. *Photo taken on an iphone with no natural light*

Moody Nook Design Progress

Great progress!

Since Kate mentioned that the nook is a high traffic area that serves as a catch all for coats, shoes, keys and other items, I suggested some kind of storage piece for the space.  Below are some options I sent over.

Moody Nook Update

Option 1: Bar Cabinet – This would be the perfect space for a mini bar area, and how great is this cabinet???

Option 2: Burlwood Dresser – When burlwood is thrown into the mix, any space can go from a 4 to a 10.  The texture and color that burlwood adds is just uncomparable.  Also – this dresser would add great storage to the space.  We could either add art or a mirror over this piece as well as lighting.

Option 3: Washed Wood Navy Cabinet – I thought a little tone on tone would be nice in this space.  Again, this piece would add great storage.  We would add some kind of mirror and lighting to this piece as well.

What’s your vote??



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12 comments on “Client Progress: Moody Nook”

  1. A big vote for Option #3 — the darker wood cabinet plus a round modern Lucite lamp with a very tall mirror and a big rectangular tray to hold stuff! Also — consider adding a line of large modern metal hooks on the other wall to allow folks to hang hats, coats or umbrellas!

  2. I LOVE option 2. I never find burl wood so it is good know this exists. I am pinning for my own future projects.

    1. Alison! I found a burl wood trunk at Room Service for $100 and I bought it just because it was burl wood but it’s SO beat up!!! I think I was blinded by all of the damage when I bought it because I was so excited to see burl wood for cheap. There’s also a small burl wood trunk on Craigslist right now for $450….more than I want to spend but it’s in perfect condition plus I think she has a few matching pieces….

      1. I have seen the one on CL. It is gorgeous!!! So exciting that you found one at Room Service. I bet you make it look great despite imperfections. For the record, I also like Option 1. I think it gives purpose to the nook. Such a pretty room!

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