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Latest Vintage Finds (& My New Favorite Way to Shop)


vintage finds

I almost titled this post, “What’s Good Vintage?” but we all know that would have been a trick title because “good” vintage finds are soooo subjective.  But I wanted to start a discussion about what you consider good vintage and how you go about finding those items…

Some people like trendy vintage, others like weird vintage, and some like expensive designer vintage.  There are definitely different styles of vintage lovers out there and that’s what makes it all so great.  The reason I love vintage so much is because you can’t find it (or anything close to it) at Target.  I like being able to find something that I know no one else will have.  I think a space MUST be unique in order to be considered a well-designed space, and while vintage isn’t a necessity in a space for me to love it, I think going the vintage route makes it so much easier to create a unique space.

I have my few vintage shops that I frequent in Austin, and really, I say a “few” but it’s actually one spot and occasionally a Goodwill.  I go back to this spot because they never let me down as far as what they have.  They are consistent.  I don’t have time to shop estate sales, but I know I’m missing out because that’s where the true gems are found.  That’s where vintage shops find the good stuff for cheap.  Estate sales can be SO hit or miss though, and it seems they’re never close to my house.  I can’t wrap my brain around spending 3 hours of my day to go check out an estate sale that could be a total bust, and for that reason I don’t shop them.

WELL.  My world changed for the better recently when I discovered Everything But The House.  EBTH “brings the thrill of estate sale shopping online”…. I was intrigued, so I gave it a try.

How it works:

If you are looking for something specific you can search by price, category or city.

Everything but the house Everything but the house

EBTH is in most big cities, but you obviously don’t have to live in one of those cities to make a purchase.  For each item the estimated shipping cost is included OR if you do happen to live in one of the cities, you can opt for pick up, which is what I did.

Once you find an item you love you enter your max bid and then the fun begins.  The system will outbid the other bidders as long as your max bid is higher than the other bidders.

Everything but the house

If you are ever outbid, EBTH notifies you via email.  (Don’t outbid me on this Eames lounge chair because I really want to tell everyone I bought an Eames chair for $22……..)

My experience:

I searched by city because EBTH just added Austin as a location and if I can avoid shipping costs I am certainly going to do that.  We recently got rid of our storage unit (that’s a whole other story that almost ended our marriage but is funny now).  SO I can’t buy an extra sofa just to save for later now since we don’t have that storage unit.  For that reason I was browsing little trinkets.  When it comes to vintage trinkets I like for them to be a little weird and a lot unique.  I found this guy…….

vintage finds

I mean…..

vintage finds

How can you not?  So I placed my bid on him.  Then everyone else placed their bid on him. Turns out EVERYONE wanted him.  Who would have thought?  Here’s the thing…. bidding on cute little vintage finds can get addictive, which is good for EBTH.  I got competitive and decided I was GOING to win this guy. Well, I did, as you can see that he was photographed in my house.  I also won this duel neck pottery vase and small neck pottery vase for close to nothing.

vintage finds

vintage finds

After I officially won those items, EBTH notified me how pick up would work.  They sent me the location/time and I showed up and picked up my items.  I don’t think it could have possibly been any easier.

Let me know if you give it a try.  I’d love to know what you think about the concept/experience.

*Images: Kayla Snell



This post was sponsored by Everything But The House.  Thank you for supporting the brands that keep CBD alive and running.

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8 comments on “Latest Vintage Finds (& My New Favorite Way to Shop)”

  1. Cool post! My husband and I are heading to Austin for a visit at the end of this month, for our anniversary. Could you tell me the name of the vintage shop you go to, even if I can only look (we are flying)?

  2. Claire! ETBTH is my secret addiction!! I actually have a huge console in the house I purchased from a Nashville sale!! You must stop by to see it!! LOVE LOVE the website and the costumer service is top notch!! I’m back in Nashville right now so let’s see what treasures I can find!!! XO

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