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Intentional Living Through Decorating…. (Hear Me Out!)


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In case you missed the 50,000 announcements on Instagram, I’m teaching a decorating workshop.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now but never saw a feasible opportunity.  Then Loot Vintage Rentals reached out and asked if I’d be interested in teaching a workshop in their space.

…….Why, yes……. yes I would like to give that a try,  And the truth is, I knew what I would teach on before they even asked.  Because it wasn’t a “I want to teach a workshop” kind of thing; it was a “I have info on a subject that I was desperate to discover several years ago and I want to share that info” kind of thing.  A workshop format gives people an experience, so why not offer said info in that way?

It’s a basic topic but a loaded topic.  I remember frantically searching for every “how to decorate” source I could get my paws on a few years ago but never finding a point blank “This is my decorating process – take it if you want and make it your own”.  I remember knowing how to pair colors and fabrics together, but I was so so hungry to know the actual process for decorating because yes, there is quite a process.

And while that process might look a little different for some people, we all have the same end goal: to create a space that we love and that feels true to us.  It’s not that I think decorating is a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; the process can vary, but there are a few steps that have to happen in order to achieve an intentional space.

Over time I refined this process through a lot of trial and error, but why not help someone else eliminate those mistakes?  My decorating perspective has changed vastly.  When I first started I was generally just hungry for any and everything decor related.  I wanted everything and I didn’t care if it didn’t work.  I was truly a frantic chicken.

While I probably wouldn’t change that temporary chicken phase, I’m not about being a chicken nowadays.  There came a time when I just didn’t want to waste the time and energy (& money!!) on frantically decorating.  I wanted to simplify the decorating process and go about it much more intentionally.

Speaking of, I’ve been ridding of the excess in others areas of life as well.  You too?  Clothes, my business, phone, time, commitments, STUFF.  It dawned on me that a lot of the stress in my life could be avoided, so I’ve been on a quest to cut the junk that brings stress with no real benefits.  My personality is very much “all in” or “nothing”, so the natural instinct was to just throw away everything I own.  I swapped the iphone for a flip phone one Sunday and thought I was onto something HUGE.  Well i wasn’t.  I learned that the simplifying process isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Maybe it’s the right move for someone else, but I realized the iPhone isn’t ALL evil and that it does bring some perks.  I just have to have the self control not to have the extra stuff that consumes too much of my time (email, social media, internet being the top 3 culprits) on my phone.  At least until I can break the habit of checking my email 65 times an hour from my phone.  I “shaved the fat” (??) from several areas of life and it feels really good.  My brain seems quieter and I’m able to think more about people and matters that are important to me.  But it’s not “done”.  I think this is a process that takes constant refining and evaluating.  It’s not the process that equals happiness, it’s the intentional living and mindfulness that equals a quiet, content life.

And while I’m knee deep here, I have a confession.  There was a time in this “ridding the excess” that I questioned decorating.  Is it all fat?  Is decorating extra and non-important?  Yes, I think it can be…………  But it doesn’t have to be.  Intentionally decorating can equal intentional living.  And that’s why I’m teaching this workshop.

I know it’s a trendy topic, but there really is some truth to is.  I’m passionate about intentional living or at least making an effort to do so.  Decorating is something that should bring us and our families joy.  Our homes should feel how we want them to feel and not be a burden on us.  I’ve cut out the fat and feel ready to share what I’ve found.  I’d truly be honored to see you at The School of Decorating on Sept. 21st. Details/tickets here!

*OH, I’m giving away ONE ticket on Instagram.  See this post to enter.

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  1. Hi Claire,
    Congrats and so happy for you!
    Any thoughts in doing a virtual class or an e-course on this topic in the future for those of us not lucky enough to live close by to attend?
    Would love to attend via a distance.

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