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I’ve noticed over the past couple of years that the transition from summer to fall has become a little touchy….. Do you know what I mean?  There’s one group of people who are are all over fall come the end of August, where the other group of people are savoring every last minute of summer and frankly, that first group of people pushing fall annoys the second because they don’t want to feel rushed with the transition……

I remember when I noticed the first mention of fall on social media several weeks ago.  I wasn’t ready, and yes, it was a bit annoying that people were trying to rush my summer.  But now I’m one of them.  I’ve checked out of summer.  I’m over the heat / I’m pretending that the 5 degree temperature drop means that fall is actually here.  I’ve packed away my summer clothes (my closet is the size of a coat closet, so off season clothes live under my bed), and I even told Parker he can’t wear those summery shorts anymore.  (He still does.)  He keeps telling me, “You’re trying to make fall happen, and it’s not here yet.”  I just get really into season changes.  With the exception of winter, I am always so ready for a change in pace and usually a new season brings on that new pace.

This year I’m feeling inspired by moody rose shades, mustard shades (ALWAYS), blacks, textured wood, rich pastels – anything and everything that feels cozy, basically, but far from “tired”.  Fall decor can feel tired and overdone IMHO at times…..

A few elements dissected that I”m especially loving for fall…

Black, white, brass & wood:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Wooden candelabra

This tablescape is so good.  It feels so intimate and cozy.  I love the mix of black, white, brass and wood.  This candelabra would fit right in.


Rich Texture:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look:  Oval Trays

Texture…always a must, especially during fall.  I’m even okay with that texture feeling a little rustic in the fall….


Dusty Rose:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Dusty Rose Pillow

GAH. THIS COLOR!!!  I will buy any and every piece of clothing that I come across in this color.  (Bought a cute button down corduroy skirt the other day in dusty rose.)


Muted anything:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Wallpaper

This image is a great example of fall but not FALL.  There’s nothing more fall than pumpkins, but they feel light here – it’s a nice change from the pumpkins that feel overdone.

Rich Pastels:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Color Block Mirror

This is my single favorite element of this entire post.  I am SO into pastels but in a way that feels rich.  Pastels get a bad rep sometimes because they can be blah, but here, they are so good.  Also, that color block mirror….. yes.

Faux Fur:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Throw Blanket

Definitely a must for the sofa (if you’re into the fur thing…)


Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is so simple yet so warm looking – I love the thick cable knit.


Inspired for Fall Get The Look: Copper Floating Shelves

Copper is such a warm metal.  I love it paired with black here.

“Worn” Elements:

Inspired for Fall

Get The Look: Barstool

Again with that rustic touch, I’m good with it in the fall.  There’s something about a piece being “worn” that just feels cozy…


Well, which person are you? #1 or #2?

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