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IKEA Must Haves -10 Items That Caught My Eye


IKEA Must Haves

We all know what I’m about to say, but I’m still going to say it.  One must be careful with IKEA.  Yes, they have some hidden gems, but if your entire house is IKEA, it will look it.  And that’s not just the case with IKEA… If your entire house is Pottery Barn, Target, West Elm, ANY one store…. it will look lifeless.

I’ve never been a frequent IKEA shopper, but lately they have been killing it.  Really…. they have stepped up their game.  They’ve always had the price thing down.  That’s what they’re known for.  A truly great piece (think anything – lighting, furniture, textile) is a combination of three traits (IMO) – price, quality & design.  When you get all 3 of those factors, you achieve a gem and you had better snatch it before someone else does!  Usually an item will have 1-2 of these traits.  An extremely cheap piece probably doesn’t have great quality, and while it may have good design and the price is obviously right, it was probably made very cheap and won’t last long.  A high end piece will obviously have the quality aspect (and hopefully the design), but the price isn’t ideal.  I think it’s very rare to come across a piece that has all 3 of these factors.

All of the pieces below have a great price and design – not all of them have the quality factor as they might be cheaply made, but let’s be honest, do we always need a lamp that will last 15 years?  I know some will disagree, but it’s certainly not where I am in my life.  I am okay with having a cheap piece here and there (as long as it looks good).  All of these pieces are spot on.

IKEA Must Haves:
IKEA Must Haves

1: Plant Pots – These remind me of the new Target pots in their fall line.  Anything matte black is good.

2: Dish Towels – You can never have too many…

3: Seagrass Rug – A classic and a great price.

4: Kitchen Cart – I’m a cart person.  I would buy this if I didn’t already have 3 carts in my home…

5: Black Armchair – This dining chair would look great with a mcm dining table.

6: Wall Sconce – The desk lamp version of this is THE lamp to have.  I thought I’d give this guy some attention because he is just as good.

7: Mirror – Love the wood frame.  Good price too…

 8: Sheepskin – Always.

9: Floor Lamp – I have the pendant version of this.  Again, anything matte black with a modern feel is good in my book.

10: TV Unit –  IKEA killed it on the design of this piece… The price is right although I’m sure you would sacrifice some quality…

IKEA Must Haves





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15 comments on “IKEA Must Haves -10 Items That Caught My Eye”

  1. Love my Ikea sheepskin rug, and since all my pets love it too I’m definitely glad I didn’t spend much on it! And that mirror is a great find. I’ve been looking for something like that for my entry and this is wayyy more likely than the $1000+ mirror I found antiquing last week!

  2. Skip the dishtowels. I made the mistake of buying them and I can tell you they are not absorbent at all. Love my sheepskin rug. I have the small one and the best part about it is I can toss it in the wash.

    1. Funny, I looked at the list and thought that I wouldn’t buy any of those things except the dishtowels. These are the only kind I buy, they are the best I’ve ever had and I use a tonne of them. They are super….super absorbent and I use them for everything from wiping out sinks and polishing mirrors, to using the old ones as paint rags….

  3. Great picks!! Just wish you’d included the specific names, because I need that TV console!! 🙂 Do you happen to know that it’s called?? Thanks! 🙂

  4. You have a great eye for style AND value. Check out the word choice in this sentence from the article above: is a “compromise” of several things. Maybe a better word choice would be “combination” or “composite”. Keep the style coming!

  5. Claire thanks for the input! Love Ikea pieces and love to build around them at times. We have moved a bit lately and love the Besta collection for building a base and then personalizing. Also, I bought that cart and now bought the full size island. Amazing quality and I get nothing but compliments on it! Happy Holidays!

  6. The link to the sconce actually takes me to the Hektar floor lamp. I want want want that sconce. I’m sure I can find, but thought I’d give you a heads up.

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