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IKEA Living and Dining Room Design


IKEA Living and Dining Room Design

This post started as a “10 IKEA pieces that don’t look IKEA” post, but then I realized I had enough pieces for a little IKEA living AND dining room action.  But in all seriousness, these pieces don’t scream IKEA at all.  They don’t even whisper IKEA, in fact.  Some of their product looks cheap and lacks personality, but they collaborate with some great people that come up with nice designed pieces for cheap.  As much as I do like the way this living room turned out, I would HAVE to add in some vintage accessories for the sake of not having an entire space outfitted in IKEA.  No offense to IKEA, it’s just the way it is.

IKEA Living and Dining Room Design:

IKEA Living and Dining Room Design


We have this pendant in our dining room.  The price really is great for what you get.

 dining table:

The oh so popular tulip table.  We’ve all seen this table used time again in great spaces.  The possibilities really are endless.

 rattan chair:

This rattan chair is in one of IKEA’s newer lines FULL of rattan pieces.  I love that this chair looks vintage and one of a kind.

 black basket:

This basket is also part of their new line.

 hanging planters:

I used these black hanging planters to repeat the dominant black color also found in the sofa, pendant and rug.


This mirror is always one of my go-tos for budget friendly spaces.  The size is great for $100.

 swivel chair:

I haven’t seen these chairs in person, but I’m really intrigued. They call the color “tan”, but they seem to have a bit of mustard (which I really hope!!)


This sofa is simple and has modern lines – always a good direction to take with a sofa.

 stripe rug:

We currently have this black and white stripe rug in our living room.  It really has held up well.  We do have to vacuum more often than when we had the plush antique rug but I love the black and white pop.


I love an unexpected, layered hide.  I love how this brown one contrasts against the black and tan(mustard) in the space.

Have you taken an IKEA trip lately?  We have one in Austin and sometimes I take for granted how amazing that is.  I see/hear about people taking day trips to their nearest IKEA……



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6 comments on “IKEA Living and Dining Room Design”

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve been to IKEA twice in the last 3 days haha. That place is NUTS. But they’ve definitely stepped up their game lately… I just got my new dining room light from there & am obsessed!

    1. Omg! Twice in the past three days! I hope it’s at least close to your house! I’ve had a week like that before – it’s way too easy to get distracted in that store and forget why you are actually there!!!

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