IKEA Hack: Faux/Real Flower Arrangement


ikea hack

Today I am kicking off a series with 7 other bloggers called “DIY Summer School” hosted by Beth from Design Post Interiors.  Every two weeks we will be taking on a DIY challenge and also invite you to join in and link up your projects.  You can also share your projects on Instagram with the #DIYSummerSchool.  This week Beth challenged us to complete an IKEA hack.  Dun dun dun…

Google “IKEA hack” and you won’t even be able to make it through the first google search page before you’re headed out to IKEA.  There are some great hacks out there – mostly furniture, so I wanted to spice up my hack with something a little unexpected.  If you make it to the very end of the maze of a store, you’ll come to their plant and faux floral section.  Their plant section always gets me (fiddle figs and orchids galore), but I’ve never really given their faux floral section a second glance.  (Not that I give any faux floral section a second glance… Not really an overly exciting topic.)  This IKEA visit was different..  I came across this faux peony and hydrangea wreath and knew it could be something special.

Not that I need an excuse for creating a huge, random floral arrangement, but for the record, my birthday is next week, SO I decided I should probably start celebrating now with a gorgeous floral arrangement gifted to myself.

ikea hack: faux/real floral wreath

It’s a bit fuller in this photo than it is in person, but pretty good bones right??  The flowers are actually believable too!  My wheels started turning as soon as I saw this wreath.  I didn’t want to use it as an actual wreath, well because I had no ideas on how to make that happen in an interesting way.  “Maybe as a base for a round arrangement??”  (I wish I could be a fly on the wall as I plot in IKEA.)  I ran back to the kitchen section to find a bowl that fit the diameter of the wreath.  I also added some of IKEA’s artificial peonies because I thought they were pretty believable too.

ikea hack: faux/real floral wreath

To make it even more of an “IKEA hack” I used an IKEA bowl for the arrangement and spray painted it gold.  The goal of an IKEA hack is to take their (bland) product and transform it into something special using outside supplies.  To do this, I incorporated real, white roses and greenery in my arrangement.  I picked these up from the grocery store.  I could have gone all faux on this arrangement, but I guess I’m a little prejudiced towards faux flowers.  They don’t make me feel happy and special like real flowers do.  Creating an arrangement with both faux and real flowers is the best of both worlds – you hopefully trick others into believing that the entire arrangement is real and you can reuse the faux flowers another time which makes the project worth the very small investment.

ikea hack: faux/real floral wreath


– IKEA artificial wreath 

– IKEA artificial peony stems – I used 4 stems.  They have cheaper stems (carnations are .99, but ya know, I had to have peonies).

– IKEA serving bowl

– Gold spray paint

– Chicken wire

– Wire cutters

– 1/2 dozen real flowers (I used white roses.)

– Greenery


1.  Spray paint the serving bowl.

2.  Fill bowl halfway full with water.

3.  Cut the chicken wire to fit inside bowl.  This is what will hold the stems in place.  The wire does not need to be the exact shape/size of the bowl.  I cut the wire in a square and then bent it to fit inside the bowl.

4.  Place the wreath on the rim of the bowl.  The wreath diameter is the exact size as the bowl, so it is a perfect fit.  There’s no need to attach the wreath to the bowl, but you can if you’d like.

ikea hack

5.  Cut the stems of the artificial flowers to fit inside the bowl.  Place sporadically.

ikea hack

6.  Cut the real flower stems to fit inside bowl.  Add to the arrangement.

ikea hack

7.  Add bunches of the real greenery to fill the holes.

ikea hack

8.  Play until you are happy. 🙂

ikea hack

ikea hack ikea hack

diy faux real flower arrangemnet

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30 comments on “IKEA Hack: Faux/Real Flower Arrangement”

  1. This is GORGEOUS! I’m all about incorporating artificial flowers to save a little money in the long run and have something that can last longer. I love that you used real flowers too. I’ve never seen that and it’s such a smart idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So cute!! I’ve often snuck a few faux blooms into my party flowers and when they’re with real, it’s hard to tell the difference! And I kid you not, as soon as I saw that bowl in our IKEA store my first thought was “Paint it gold!” – So glad to see it done and it looks fabulous…definitely adding to my to-do list!!

  3. This is beautiful!! Faux flowers are growing on me these days. My best friend just got married and made her own flowers out of paper. She used real greenery and the final look was amazing. I think I see an IKEA trip in my future…

  4. I’m impressed with how real the entire arrangement looks. I do this at Christmas with my garland and wreath to fill it in and make the house smell nice, but honestly never thought to use the same trick with flowers. I’ll add that to the list of tricks to stretch the floral budget.

  5. Thanks to share this post. This is very awesome and beautiful!! faux flower arrangements are growing on me these days. My best friend just got married and made her own flowers out of paper. She used real greenery and the final look was amazing.

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