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How to Style Bookshelves


how to style bookcases

“How do I style bookshelves” is probably the most loaded question when it comes to styling interiors.  It’s so easy to overthink what should go where.  The best (and easiest) advice I can offer is to style the shelves and then take a photo on your phone and study.  Of course there’s some kind of formula that goes into styling but I’ve found that studying a photo of bookshelves that I style shows me what is unbalanced and disproportionate.

how to style bookcases

These bookshelves have drastically changed since these photos were taken (turned disastrous, really) as I decided everything needs to change in my living room after a sofa change, BUT I will be honest and tell you that this style job took about a week of staring at my phone photos, making slight changes, reevaluating and doing over.

how to style bookcases

I also have three go-to items that I use when styling bookshelves.

1. Books….

2. Plants…..

3. Trays/Boxes/Storage Items.

You just can’t go wrong with any of those things, and you’ll notice in my bookshelves that most of the items fall under those categories.  If not, it’s probably just a weird item that I threw in there to shake things up.

Now…if you’re not the kind of person that can just be thrown information kind of like I just did, I might have a better answer.  My friend, Heather, just launched a bookshelf styling class, The Bookshelf Styling Class, and it is genius, bottom line.  Heather is so good at teaching and sharing her knowledge, and she did just that with this class.   Heather will guide you through how to use the existing items in your home, shop smart, and style with an overall plan in place.  Who doesn’t want that???

how to style a bookshelf

The Bookshelf Styling Class

 You have to tell me what you think.  Seriously…game changer.



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