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How To Paint Laminate Furniture


how to paint laminate furniture

When it comes to furniture thrifting, there are a few things I always consider before making a purchase.

  1.  Is the piece sturdy/in good condition?
  2. Is the piece unique/possibly one of a kind?
  3. Do I want to paint it?  If so, CAN I paint?

The first two considerations are deal makers/breakers.  If the piece is not sturdy or unique, there isn’t much I can do to give it life.  And while I don’t particularly enjoy painting furniture (not really my thing)), sometimes a piece needs to be painted in order to be saved.  I used to FREAK out about painting.  What if I mess it up?  What if I do?  This piece below was maybe $30 and I didn’t feel attached to it like my bar cart.  I liked the brass detail and the shape of the piece,  but the finish could have passed for a filing cabinet.  Really, it looks better in this photo than it did in real life.  It needed  a paint job.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture

I had obviously already decided I was going to buy this thing for my guest room and just knew that I would “fix it”.  Well.. it’s laminate.  Laminate isn’t ideal to paint.  But I did it anyway, and I’m happy to report that all went well and it’s actually not a faux pau to paint laminate furniture.  It CAN be done.  you just have to use a good primer.  All about the primer.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture:

The piece didn’t have any knicks, so I started with sanding.  If the piece has holes that need to be filled, fill those first before sanding.

Laminate is a shiny finish that makes it durable and scratch resistant.  Sounds like a good thing. Not when painting.

I used 150 grit sandpaper to give the piece some texture.  You don’t want to take the entire finish off – just make it a little scratchy.  This gives the primer and paint something to adhere to and will keep it from peeling off.

After the piece was sanded, I wiped it down with a wet cloth.  If there’s any dust at all left on the piece, the primer and paint will not stick.  After all dust is removed, wipe it down again with a dry cloth.

Now it’s time to prime.  I used Sherwin Williams multi-purpose latex primer in aerosol form.  I had never used a spray paint primer, and I hope to never go back to the good ole paint primer.  When it comes to paint and most DIY projects, my non-existent patience keeps me from completing most of them.  This spray paint primer made the process much more doable for me.

Sherwin Williams Primer

If you do prefer a liquid paint primer, this is the traditional form.

Sherwin Williams Primer

I gave the piece two coats of primer (with an hour of dry time in between coats).  After priming, give the piece a light sanding and wipe down any dust.

My paint color is Sherwin Williams Relentless Olive.  I read online that the best paint to use is their Pro Classic, however, it is not available in dark colors.  Because Relentless Olive has dark tones, I wasn’t able to use Pro Classic.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint

I asked the guy helping me what I should use since Pro Classic wasn’t an option and he suggested Resilience, which is their exterior acrylic latex paint.  He said it was a very durable paint and would get the job done.

Sherwin Williams Resilience Paint

Another first for me:  I used a roller instead of a brush to paint.  I always have a hard time with brush marks when I paint, so I wanted to experiment with a roller this time.

I used a small, 4″ roller since my piece was small.  I gave the piece two coats of paint and allowed the first coat to dry overnight.   I also taped off the brass detail before I did anything else  (that should be step #1).

The paint color is pretty darn good.

how to paint laminate furniture

How to paint laminate furniture

Full guest room makeover here.

how to pain laminate furniture




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