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What’s My Home Decor Style: Maximalist


Maximalist Home Decor


Oh the maximalist….. If you were to look at decor styles like you do different personalities, the maximalist is who you want to be friends with.  She’s the kind, accepting, genuine and all around lovely friend that you always find yourself gravitating towards.  Accepting being the key word here…… A maximalist is accepting of most everything when it comes to home decor.  She likes a bit of everything and a whole lot of it.

I personally have a bit of maximalism in me, but it’s not one of the first three styles that I list when asked what my personal style is.  However, if I had to sit and study one style of decor images for an entire day, I would choose maximalist spaces.  They are so intriguing to me, plus the details keep you entertained for hours.

If you think you might identify with the maximalist style, read on to see if you can relate to any of the below traits.

10 Traits of a Maximalist:

1. You can’t choose one favorite color.

Maximalist Home Decor

Design Sponge

…because you love them all.  There literally isn’t a color that you haven’t tried or currently have in your home.

Maximalist Home Decor

Design Sponge

2. When you find something you love, you collect it

Maximalist Home Decor

Decor 8

You don’t have one globe, you have three.  Same goes with baskets, ginger jars, vases, or anything else that speaks to you.

Maximalist Home Decor

Architectural Digest Spain

3. White walls scare you.

Maximalist Home Decor

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

You know that in a lot of cases white walls = neutral, plain & vanilla.  Of course with added color, texture and pattern, white walls can actually be very refreshing, so no, you never rule out white walls; you’re just very cautious when you hear “white”.

4. You’ve never met a pattern you didn’t love.

Maximalist Home Decor

One Kind Design

And those said patterns are even BETTER when mixed with each other.  When it comes to pattern, the more the better.

Maximalist Home Decor

Windsor Smith Home

5. You think mixing styles and eras (generally mixing anything) is a needed in every space.

When people ask about your style, you always mention that you love “the mix”.  Mixing styles, color, pattern, everything.  You love to change things up to achieve spaces that haven’t been done.

Maximalist Home Decor

Nick Olsen 

6. You’re constantly thinking about that “empty space” that needs to be filled.

You hate empty wall space.  Really just any empty space… You want your space to feel cozy and welcoming above all else, and that means lots of art, pillows, furniture, accessories and anything else that you can fit.

Maximalist Home Decor


Maximalist Home Decor

The Glitter Guide

7. Your biggest fear is a space that feels vanilla.

Maximalist Home Decor

Design Sponge

You’re the first to admit that maybe you’ve taken it too far in fear that your living room might feel …..vanilla……. Although what you love is what others might consider “too much”, you would much rather be labeled too much than boring.

8. It’s not about matching, it’s about layering.

Maximalist Home Decor

House Beautiful

L A Y E R S…….. create depth plus anything else good in this world.

Maximalist Home Decor

One Kings Lane

9. The phrase “less is more” just really confuses you.

Maximalist Home Decor

Sig Bergamin

But seriously, why would anyone ever want less? More is always better, period.

10. Details make the world go round in your book.

Maximalist Home Decor

Design Sponge

Details are what you really focus on when you put together a space.  Sure, you love the big pieces too, but the small details are what really make you happy.


So….. if you can relate to at least half of those traits, you are most likely a maximalist.  Also, you probably like most of the pieces below…

What's My Home Decor Style Maximalist

1: Yellow Club Chairs

These art deco club chairs are insanity.  The lines are incredible and would make any space they lived in.

2: Art

I recently came across this artist through Emily A. Clark and now want every single piece for my parents’ guest suite.  Such great vintage inspired pieces.

3: Mirror

I love seeing gilded pieces in maximalist spaces.  This mirror is at such a great price too.

4: Wooden Horse Heads

Weird wooden objects…..yes.

5: Leopard Rug

I had this rug at one time.  Leopard or animal print isn’t required in a maximalist room, but I do see it a lot.

6: Floral Chair

The colors on this chair………….

7: Paint Color

Love this rich teal paint color.  I’ve noticed that maximalist spaces seem to have a mix between poppy and rich colors.

8: Artificial Palm Tree

I’m always skeptical of artificial plants, but this one looks believable.  Online photos can be deceiving, but I’d be willing to give this one a shot since it’s from Amazon. But plants….. definitely needed in a maximalist space.

9: Blue Ikat Sofa

Such a showstopper of a sofa……


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8 comments on “What’s My Home Decor Style: Maximalist”

  1. Good morning! Thanks for the link 🙂

    I’ve been thinking lately about how I’m so attracted to those photos/designers who seems to effortlessly pile a bunch of stuff in one room and make it look fabulous. Maybe I’m a maximalist in the making?? I do like everything! 🙂

    1. I’m in the same boat. I LOVE a space that feels collected above all else yet I wouldn’t consider myself a full on maximalist because I don’t need as much stuff as some of these photos. Definitely have maximalist qualities though :). Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Janet Hill. Mind. Blown.

  2. This is an incredible post, Claire! I guess have a little maximalist in me too. Thanks for the great inspiration photos.

  3. Ever since you wrote that “what do I want to be when I grow up” post, you seem to have really figured “it” out!!! Coupled with your strong faith, I have no doubt that you’re really going to be on your way now!!! Congratulations! Your approach is super refreshing and unique…just wanted to say thanks and keep up the GREAT work!!!

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